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    SAIFUL NANG, 35 - MPA(UK), B.Sc Media (MMU) and PhD candidate in Marketing, UUM. Currently Saiful Nang is the Executive Chairman and Founder for Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd Group of Companies. He started the whole business in 2004 with on RM90 capital and manage to grow it into a group of companies. In 2005 he put his hand together with another 19 companions to start Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin. It's a research centre about Social Civilization & Moral. However, the subject of the research are HUMAN, hence they established an orphanage and underprivileged home to implement what has been taught in the Quran & Sunnah in total. Nothing could go wrong then.

    Saiful Nang himself a dyslexic and live with the stigma of "Budak Bodoh" (idiot) in the first 12 years of his age. As nobody interested to be friend with him back then, he spent so much time observing and analyzing unconsciously . That's why you may see that he could talk pretty much anything he saw after analyzing it from taught outside of the box.

    From a son of the poor to the royal artist, Asian Youth Ambassador Award recipient and even listed in TOP 10 MALAYSIA Magazine, he is still as what you see humbly in front of you today. With RM30 buck jeans from Tesco and his own company tee arriving with his Mercedes and going to give talk to all of you on how does GIVING MAKE YOU RICHER! An interesting out-of-the box wakaf concept practiced by Abdurrahman Auf and Saidina Abu Bakar Assiddiq but has been forgotten in this world, today.

    Here is... SAIFUL NANG

    Emcee Introduction

    Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematic
    UiTM Shah ALam

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