11 Replies to “Special for Malaysian in Perth – Free Lectures”

  1. Salam. Hye SN! i am a big fan of ur work!!!!! saya sangat truja bila baca u nak buat talk kat Perth!! tp sayangnya saya currently studying in New Zealand. tanak datang buat talk kat sini ke? hehehe.

    anyhoo, izinkan saya menghebahkan program ni dekat kawan2 saya di Perth. boleh kan? =)

  2. Salam. Hye SN!! I am a big fan of ur work!! Sangat truja bila dapat tahu SN ada buat program dekat Perth. Tp sayangnya saya berada di New Zealand. tanak datang sini ke? Saya pasti ramai peminat SN dekat NZ nie jugak hehe.

    anyhoo, izinkan saya menghebahkan program ini pada rakan2 terutama yang berada di Perth. boleh kan? =)

  3. InsyaAllah New Zealand will be next in the list heheh. Please hebah2kan kepada yang ada di Perth. Saya tak pernah ke sana…i wish there are lot of people interested to listen to me hahhaha.

  4. SN, Fatinn ni BFF saye punye GF. haha. U not going to Sydney or Melb ke? Population Malaysian student lg byk kat situ

  5. Wazien, I’ll go Sydney, Melb and NZ after Perth (InsyaAllah) on the same lecture series. Since it’s not a profit making movement or activities, I have to “menabung” dulu. So I can go there and “Share”. That’s what I wish to be since long time ago. Being rich is never been in my 1st priority. Well…as I said, the joy of getting is giving 😉

  6. omg wazien wafa!! perlu ke bgtau? hahaha. oh great!! ure coming to New Zealand? please come to Wellington pls pls pls! 😀 ok, i’ll spread the word around. insyaAllah ramai org datang. =)

  7. anybody stay in perth??kalau ada..please contact me..so we can meet here, organize n discuss above this programme..cari venue ke..or we just go Makan2 cafe..come on guys..xkan mawi ngan nabil je korg nk tgk…hahaha

  8. SN, come down to melb! please. sure ramai akan join. seriusss. saya slalu jadi silent reader. but now perlu bersuara rasanya. come down to melb! =)

  9. Nadiah, I would love to go to Melbourne. Else, why not you extend this poster to those people interested. I’ll find time to go and give some free lecture series there on this matter. I need to do the budget for the next visit as well as time jugak. Same to other places, if you can have more people to gather for this lecture, I would be glad to share it.

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