9 Replies to “Mention sikit…tapi dah ‘seri kembangan” jugak lahh hahahha”

  1. haa who?? saiful lang?? haiyaaa..saiful nang very the famous name ma…hhahha erra shud tgk orked piccas n definitely she fall inloved with those photo!!!!!!!!! i always mention saiful nang as ning baizura’s wedding photogphr n they will always mention bout that orange vespa!!!!!

  2. hye.. eh i watched that part of gugu gaga..vernon suppose cakap n relate kan saiful nang with photo mama.. br je berangan2 pas iklan ke mesti vernon kenalkan dgn saiful nang.. ley tgk kat tv cmne saiful nang amik gmbr baby heheh

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