For Sale – SOLD OUT!

I’m letting go this machine after 3 months in use. SOLD TO A NICE GENTLEMEN!

  1. Model : Canon XHA1s (High Definition Camcorder)
  2. Date of purchase : 10 April 2009
  3. Usage : Very Light (for PhotoMama.Tv)
  4. Reason of selling : We’re shooting on 5D Mark II camera on HD. Selling this to get another 5D mk II and it does meet my purpose since we’re not using a camcorder to do MCP or Broadcasting. We do it for our webbroadcast TV. 5D Mk II is an excellent machine already.
  5. Condition : 10/10
  6. Warranty : 9 months left (I can arrange for another 2 years additional by Canon)
  7. Brand New Retail Price : RM15,000
  8. Selling Now : RM12,300
  9. Come in a complete box, cables, remote control
  10. Approximately 5 hours in recording (so far)
  11. I’m giving away 1 big battery 970G (XH-A1s) that cost us RM 800.00 on the purchase.
  12. Please email if you’re interested to have it.

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