Sam & Diana – Sime Darby Convention Centre

Well, time for some wedding pictures again. This time, from Sime Darby Convention Centre. I’ve been shooting in this hall for about 15-20 times already. It’s a great ballroom for a wedding yet, the lighting is is a bit tricky. Shooting at high ISO to preserve ambient and at the same time to freeze the moment cost me thousand of snaps just for the perfect few hundreds. Alhamdulillah, I managed to do it since the very first time I shoot at this place.

For Sam and Diana, I hope you’ll enjoy watching this entry all the way from your honeymoon place now. And please tell your friends that they can see some highlight of your wedding pictures in my blog. Well, it’s a highlight…which mean, these are not the best 12 I have. It just a simple pick from a bunch of images.



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7 Replies to “Sam & Diana – Sime Darby Convention Centre”

  1. eLLo saiful . . .

    as usual ur pix is great bro . . .
    angle yg lain dr biasa . . .
    create interesting angle ~_^

  2. no doubt, awaklah jurugambar terhebat pernah saya lihat dan kenali. Bukan sahaja awak hebat dalam skill dan seni yang tiada tolok bandingannya, tapi akhlak awak yang baik itu pelengkap aset yang sangat berharga. Walaupun awak tak pernah beritahu projek Rumah Prihatin awak, few weeks ago, YB Rudziah pernah mention nama awak pasal salah seorang founder kepada Rumah kebajikan itu. Teruskan usaha awak SN sebagai seorang umat Islam berbangsa Melayu yang terulung. Kalau 30 tahun umur awak dah sehebat ini yang awak capai, saya nampak awak akan lebih berjaya dari Bill Gates menjelang umur 40 nanti.

  3. I like the gambar reflection terbalik off the water in the glass! most people tak perasan.. and kalau perasan pun, would let it pass!

  4. u’re absolutely a genius in photography. Simple images at just an ordinary place could be a wow images already. Of course beautiful place is not a big problem for you. I’ll be having my wedding day in Tokyo next year, I’m hoping to get you for my big day. I seriously want it to be in my wishlist. Hopefully, my husband2be will grant me the wish. Good job Saiful. You should be the Minister of Photography.

  5. So amazed with your shots.
    Just wondering coz all the shots seem to have natural’s very3 nice,like it. Are you turned your speedlite off regularly?

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