Meera & Sudheesh – A vibrant Indian wedding

I love Indian wedding simply because of the colours. It’s vibrant and unique through my eyes. Whenever I start to shoot an Indian wedding ceremony, I realize that I shoot most of the things happened in front of my lens. Here, 20 images of an Indian wedding I shoot about few weeks ago. To Meera and Sudesh, wait till I come to Sydney soon…there I can take your “baby photos” 😉

To all the bridesmaids…don’t forget to give me a call once you plan to get married 😉



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6 Replies to “Meera & Sudheesh – A vibrant Indian wedding”

  1. All my life, I never seen any Indian wedding as colourful and as great as what I’ve seen in your picture. It make me feel so great and suddenly I feel like I want to get married again in the Indian outfit and make it very cultural. Now, I’m dare to say that you’re the best photographer in Malaysia since you can really coop with any culture, religion, and environment. You’re a photo genious Saiful. Meera & Sudesh, lucky that you’ve chosen the right photographer for your big day. It’s awesome. Sorry for taking too long for the comment *-)

  2. Joshua, I’m flattered. But I’m not worthy but I do really hope I can realize what u said 😉
    Akulaonal, I’m always active in shooting wedding every now and then. Just that not so active in updating my blog since the past few months 😉 thanks for still following

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