Spring Portrait in Perth, Australia – FULLYBOOKED!

FULLYBOOKED –  just in 2 days! thanks! (Wait for Next Year Session)

Hello to those resides in Australia, Saiful Nang is going there for a fun portrait session from AUD650 only (worth AUD 4,000 by an average local photographer). More detail will be emailed to all of you who register their interest through my email. Please email your intention at saifulnang@candidsyndrome.com and put the tittle “Spring Portrait Perth” and in the email, I need you name, number of people and contact details”. We only have time for 3 sessions ONLY. 3 first participants will be contacted for an online meeting on the idea drafting. Act now if you wish to have some pictures like this…

FULLYBOOKED –  just in 2 days! thanks! (Wait for Next Year Session)

Ok now, I have the details.

  • Date : 21-29th September 2009
  • Available slot : Only 3 (which mean, I can accept only 3 portrait slots (half day each).
  • Fees starts from ONLY AUD 650 (approx AUD 3,000 cheaper than an average local photographer)
  • AUD 650 will consist of unlimited shots and 20 images retouched personally by Saiful Nang and delivered by CD
  • Album 10″ x 10″ size is available with another additional AUD 400
  • How to book? : Please email me at saifulnang@candidsyndrome.com and state there your intention and I’ll give your slot of time available, then we’ll do some discussion through MSN or YM on the ideas.
  • Suitable for Pre-wedding, Family Portrait and Baby Photography whichever you like it and the price is just the same.
  • Shoot by my finger and eyes – Saiful Nang lah
  • It’s sooo cheap!! what’s the catch? : Just I need the permission to use all the images for our promotion purposes including all our websites and the process of photography will be videographed to be broadcasted at photomama.TV channel.
  • MOST WONDERFUL!! for family portrait and baby portrait…I’ll teach you HOW TO SHOOT YOUR BABY / KIDS so you can do it on your own just like professional (advantage for those who have a dSLR) for FREE!
FULLYBOOKED –  just in 2 days! thanks! (Wait for Next Year Session)
Don’t wait until the next time, the price will not be this cheap anymore!
Act now! email me at saifulnang@candidsyndrome.com
and book your slot.

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