Recognized by others, unrecognized by our people

Sekadar gambar hiasan yang takde kena mengena.

It would be just a text entry for this today. Let me talk about one of our customers in this post. We shoot for their album cover for one of their albums before. Until now, they still hold the unbreakable most selling album in Malaysia.

Today, I drove my car home. I listened to Radio 24 channel. I heard a familiar voice in there. Che Am spoke his mind about 1 interesting topic. Now, let me ask you. How many of you know about Raihan performed at The Royal Albert Hall in London, and it was a full house of PAID audience which most of them (95% i would say) are Mat Saleh. Again…PAID audiences.

Before this, We, Malaysian were proud for having a concert done there before under a name of a diva (Cik SIti kita). A lot of my friends was there too. Most of them took the advantage of being the last minute, so they’ll get FREE ticket (in order to make the hall looks so full with audience).

But it’s different with Raihan, they performed worldwide, in Paris itself….3 times and other places around Europe. Not to extreme if I would say, if you ask Muslim in Europe about Malaysia, they’ll describe it as…

  1. Dr. Mahathir
  2. Raihan
  3. Petronas Tower

I’m proud of them. I’m not promoting nasyed since I’m never been a fan of any nashid song. But I really appreciate people who love arts and sincere in what they are doing. Che Am told the radio, ever since, they never get ANY (I repeat…ANY) assistance from government, private and sponsor body to bring them to the west. Most of the time, they live with the concert ticket, performance payment and royalty. It’s not about the assistance that matter…but the perseverance. He said…”Taknak tolong takpe, kita jalan lah sendiri, cuma kalau ada orang support…laju sikit lah jalannya. Habis tu, takkan orang tak tolong kita nak menyerah kalah”. I love this spirit. That’s the spirit that brought them up until now.

Is there anything in common with me?

Yes…many things! we started an odd trends that finally became a phenomena. We never been supported by any body from government, private or rich people. We just do it all with our blood, sweat and tears. Yes, by blood…sweat and tears. It didn’t come easy and flawless. It was a bumpy road all the way before we can finally took-off now. I still remember how my RP (Business Plan / Rancangan Perniagaan) got rejected a few times by a body that called themselves enterpreneur helpers. I was down but I believe, there are more than one way to do anything. That’s where…the potential of my brain has been fully utilized to find the way how to start the ball rolling.

I still remember, the time my friends shopping with their silver colour plastic, i was so impressed and I applied for one and got rejected within 24 hours (and I can’t apply for the next 6 months). Woww!! they were really fast. Now, the same bank offering the gold or even Platinum pre-approved credit card and all they need is my “Yes”. No more J-Form, income statements, bank statement 3 bulan on top of my IC lah. Anyway, I’m happy to live with only a single Credit Card that I treat it just like a charge card…spend today, pay end of the month.

I believe, Raihan faced the hardtime during their start-up period. Eventually, they are now…a famous artist worldwide. Internationally, his album sold many folds more than Datin Seri Siti’s album. The reason why I wrote this note is simple…be different and be tough in achieving your goal. Success doesn’t come easy. Think like no others, then you’ll be there.


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17 Replies to “Recognized by others, unrecognized by our people”

  1. SN,
    Still remember me?? saya suka baca apa yg sn tulis..i wish you good luck. Sangat bangga dengan apa yang sn usahakan dan hasilnya…sangatlah membanggakan..

  2. hye your silent reader for couple of years..Just now u complain blog u xder bunyi cengkerik kan heee…i can be one of the cengkerik 😀 ur words always inspire me…!! looking forward to meet u in person!!!

  3. salam SN,
    saya tertarik pasal kredit kad tu…
    i really don’t like the double standard which is very widely exist in malaysia…i think u should teach the bank a lesson so that double standard tu tak jadi makin teruk…

  4. Nik, from your email look like you’re Datuk Dr. Ir. Nik kan? OMG, I can’t believe you read my blog. I’m nobody yet Datuk to teach the bank. I read book by Maureen Wheeler (Founder of Lonely Planet) which they have the same problem on double standard in Australia, but only 10 years later, she can teach the bank about double standard. Tapi as for now, I’m not a somebody yet to teach them hehehe. Thanks a lot datuk for reading my humble blog.

  5. bila bercakap tentang bank ni..saya pernah bersembang ngan sorang uncle nie..bila tersebut kisah pinjaman bank…terkeluarlah ayat dier “bank hanya datang kepada kita bila kita senang ja, masa susah bank takkan tolong….bank akan layan peminjam wang yang punya backup kewangan yang kukuh tak kira dari sumber mencuri ker apa pun daripada melayan peminjam wang yang punya kesungguhan untuk berjaya dan punya wawasan tapi tiada backup kewangan”…

  6. salam SN… i luv what u wrote.. it’s inspire me.. saya mempunyai minat yg mendlm pd bidang photographer ni tp belum mendpt peluang utk memulakan langkah juz becoz of double standard ni..

  7. Maybe sometime some privileges must be taken away or hold from us. Then we can feel how sweet it be. Credit card is one of them.. 🙂

    bro SN, my 2nd dy read ur blog. btl2 teruja..keghairahan in every snaps.2 good bro, wish b like u..seriously brother..wpn skrg perlanggaran minda cume gune kamera digital 7.2 mp, if not 2day, but 1 dy, i want 2 be just like u.aghhhhh!!!! if that can show u keghairahan yg ade.buhbye…

  9. salam SN,still student lagi,so tak boleh nak komen pasal credit card,haha.but bout Albert Hall,last time ada satu show kat TV,called Teksi Tunai,Bob Lokman tanye contestant,siapa yang first skali buat show kt Albert Hall,laju je jawab Siti!.and tanya la mana-mana remaja(adults too) rata2 akan jawab Siti Nurhaliza.

  10. hye SN, dis will b my 1st time write at ur blog. honestly, i’mreally greatful 2 know u, even in d internet. u hav wake me up frommy angan2 and make it reality.. thanx SN

  11. OMG , its true!. I’m studying in canada right now and the muslim community says Raihan sort of revolutionized the nasyeed industry in western world.

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