Orked in Singapore

Orked portrait. She looked straight at the world largest observation wheel at Raffles Ave. Singapore. She was so excited to see thing from the bird’s eye view. CFO of Colours of Asia S/B had his wedding reception in Ulu Tiram an hour before we arrived in Singapore. Then, we decided to fly at…

The…Singapore Flyer! Weather wasn’t that good during our take-off at this giant wheel. This is one of the view from the top of the wheel. In a clear weather, you can easily see the whole land of Singapore, Johor Bahru and Pulau Batam from the deck. It was awesome!

As what you can see here, Orked was a bit gayat hehehe. She can’t even stand there (of course, she can’t stand without support for more than 5 sec). Mommy was at the back with her D50 camera with D200 strap. She got more picture than me. You can witness it at Orked’s blog (if she already put it up lah)

And here is another one with mummy. Orked was so excited with that amazing experience. Now, Orked passport is officially top-up with another 1 stamp. Btw, it was a really fast trip. I drove into Singapore by 4pm and departed from Singapore by 7pm. This time, it wa a really short trip since I have another commitment in the following day back in KL. As whay you can see now, I’m so tempted in taking photograph of my “babies” (incl. Orked’s mom lah).

Since the last post on Monday (yesterday) about shooting kids, in less than 24 hours after that…. hehehe…surprisingly, I received not less than 15 inquiries / requests from the mothers and (some fathers) about having a session with their family all around Malaysia and 1 from Singapore (TQ) and 1 from Melbourne (woww…I’ll consider this, Melbourne now connected with AirAsia what hehehe). Thanks a lot for that, but as for now, I can only accept 2 photoshoot until September. I’ll be terribly busy and my schedule is really packed with so much things in line (there’ll be only a few weeks in Malaysia before Ramadhan, the rest I’ll be in another part of the globe for photography). Since the requests is mucccchhhh moooore than the slots…let me go through it first (I’ll consider the one that really adventure into any unique ideas…another words, I’ll not shooting it at typical places like Lake Garden and KLCC). For those who can’t get the slot, don’t worry…I probably will offer pre-booked slots for bulan puasa hahhahaha….hmmm…yess, I’m serious 😉



SAIFUL NANG (Signature Photographers)
CEO / Principal Photographer
Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
CandidSyndrome International
+60380766878 (HQ)
+6738880639 (Brunei)
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6 Replies to “Orked in Singapore”

  1. Alamak fozan, tak perasan pulak ada kat sana. Mesti terselit kat mana2 celah2 orang ramai ek hehehe. Ha’ah saja pegi jer bukan ada job apapun, bawak anak jalan-jalan sambil konon-konon nak carik iPhone 3Gs heheheh.

  2. Saifulllll…i suka sangat gambar-gambar you recently. Dulu pun I dah suka, sekarang lagi lahhhh extra extravaganza gedebus gedebakk lah I suka. My husband bising pasal I excited sangat. I nak ambik family picture boleh tak? Tempted with your pictures kat Europe, I tengah pujuk my hubby untuk pegi Japan bawak you, nak buat family portrait there. Please please please penuhi request ni ek kalau my hubby approved. At your skill now, kalau u caj 50k pun masih murah lagi (tapi jangan lah sampai 50k, i orang biasa jer). Ok Saiful, please update nanti ek kalau u dah ada packages.

  3. shahwati, thanks for thinking that way. I’ll be happy to accept that invitation, however, please advice me about the date much in advance since I don’t want it to be clashed with my other assignments. Again, thanks for thinking that I’m worth 50k hahahaha…good news! it will not be that much 😉

  4. ingatkan semua bin dan binti said. rupanya said. ahaha.

    sgt2 impress lah bro. u got the color mood for every pictures here and everywhere.

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