Happy Father’s Day – Orked

Semalam semasa membuat kerja-kerja di Rumah Prihatin Kajang, Orked (my daughter) came to me and she gave me a piece of card. She associated with my wife Intan to have a foot stamp on a paper with a wish of HAPPY DADDY’S DAY. This is my first time celebrating daddy’s day as a daddy. The feel is so mucccchhhh different.

Picture above taken in Amsterdam Airport by my wife. To all readers, please accept my apology for not updating this blog for quite sometime. I’m currently in the interval for my so called “Travelling Quarter”. 3rd quarter of this year is where I have to spend about 150 hours on the airplane, travelling through 8 countries for works and some of it, I brought my wife and Orked. So we can have some fun together.

I’ll be here again and still writing. At the same time, I’m writing for my daughter at her blog 😉 Click here to visit her.


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