Titipan dari CS Brunei – 3 years and still counting

Hi all, I’m updating this from Brunei Darussalam currently. For those who still don’t realize our existence in Brunei, here is one of the pictures taken from our Brunei wing lead by an international photographer Ahim Rani. Our venture started as early as in 2006 and now, it’s already 3 years and still counting. The brand is getting stronger and the syndrome is now become an epidemic to the community of Brunei. Congrats Ahim for waving the CS flagship.

This is one of thousands amazing shots done by them. For those who interested to hire our photographer in the same flagship of CandidSyndrome in Brunei and Borneo, you can contact them through http://brunei.candidsyndrome.com


SN, Bandar Seri Begawan


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  1. Salam saudara saiful,
    Suatu gambar fesyen yang cantik. Ni fesyen terbaru dari brunei ke? Anyway pls check your email I have sent you my experimental e-book

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