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Hi All, this is what I’ve done for the past 5 months. Developing the system and mechanism on how to deliver the knowledge and skill of photography easily to the mothers’ group. Orked born with this idea. After the birth of my daughter, I got crazy taking photo of her and I just can’t stop doing that. I feel so much better doing that and I believe a lot of mothers are disappointed with their own photograph (eventho they have spent their money for a good camera and lenses). But…without the proper knowledge about photography, they’ll snap just like any handphone camera can do. Listen to what they said about photomama.




  1. Enroll to the premium members of PhotoMama
  2. Learn from Demo, Tutorial & Critics by the Professional in video format, notes and online consultation through community forum (special section accessible only by premium members)
  3. Attend PhotoClinic – This program will be held minimu once in 2 months (if not every month). The concept is “You shoot, I correct it”. Your technique of shooting will be monitored on that day and will be corrected according to what you’ve learn at stage no.2 (above)
  4. Send your picture according to our theme of exercise in our private room in TPMC community forum and get critics from Professional on how to improve your pictures.
  5. Continuous learning. The basic photography, arts in photography, ideas and many more will be here exclusively for our Premium Members.





ThePhotoMama.Com is an ONLINE community where mothers learn about photography. RM23.30 per month is damn minimal to be charged for all of you to enjoy these privileges and even more…

  1. Monthly / bimonthly PhotoClinic Session  – WORTH RM200
  2. Basic Photography Demo / Lesson in Video with simplified terms and the way of explaining things. Don’t be surprise, your grandaddy can undurstand it and shoot better picture than your’s – WORTH RM600 (For physical workshop)
  3. The Arts of Seeing SERIES in video. Mommies will learn the basic fundamentals in seeing in few episodes so that they can see something ordinary in extraordinary ways – WORTH RM1,500 (My PhotoCamp module, minus the practical)
  4. Stand the chance to win many prizes range from a small gift to a big camera by joining our internal contest.
  5. Get the best person in KIDS PHOTOGRAPHY to criticize your pictures. There you know how and where to improve it.
  6. Involve in our referal system so that you can get our banner from our system and put it nicely in your blog / friendster / facebook / fotopages and many more places and EARN for every enrollment from the click of the banner.
  7. Having a HUGE COLLECTION of your kids from the very first day …. PRICELESS


Because mama is the closest person with their kids. They are always the first person to witness the great moment of life happen their little ones. Having a camera, is not yet a solution. Learning from a source that can give you the impact of attending a professional courses in photography at the comfort of your sofa is now an option.

Many parents can afford to buy a camera, they also can afford to attend some physical workshops…but not many of them can allocate sometime to attend workshops. Hence, we have done it online through video & notes. Later, you can posted your pictures to be criritisized by other fellow experts in kids photography.

Physical workshops is more hands-on but TPMC is a method how the mommies can be educated about photography just from home.That’s a little brief about ThePhotoMama.Com. ENROLL NOW!



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