Berehat Sebentar

Hi readers, thanks for still visiting my blog. January is the beginning of the year and as usual, we’re getting so busy to achieve our annual target (hopefully in the first of 2nd trimester of this year). Currently I’m writing a lot of tips for mommies who love in taking photo at It was a fantastic community. We have about 300 registrant for our website and 100++ participants in our FOC community forum just in 11 days. It’s awesome.

Btw, I’m still a wedding photographer by pro”passion” but I love to share my joyous moment photographing Orked with all the mothers. Because I believe all mothers should at least know the basic to photograph good pictures of their baby / kids. Nobody can hire a professional to do that job EVERYDAY…so, we hire them once in 4,6 or 12 months but still get our children photograph for the remaining days. That’s fantastic and I love to share this little thing I know through the community. Even better, weekly tutorial for all mothers in VIDEO!!



To all my wedding photography viewers, don’t be sad. I’ll be updating more and more and more and more weddings. Keep your eyes on this blog and I’ll definately will post it here 😉



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6 Replies to “Berehat Sebentar”

  1. hi SN…juz nak share wif u & others..last saturday (10 jan) was my besfren’s reception @ kepong…d photographer of coz la moqh ngan sorang lg yg gebu & kiut tu (sorila x ingat nama) dr awal lg dah teruja dgn kehadiran CS..sbb sy tau hasilnya pasti x mengecewakan…oleh krn sy menjadik pengapit pd hari kejadian, sambil kipas2 pengantin tu saya smpt menjeling2 style moqh & kwnnya mengambik gambo dr pelbagai sudut…mmg otak saya terus ‘copy & paste’ aksi2 anak didik SN dlm merealisasikan gambo2 yg cantik2..wpun moqh blom lg update gambo kawen besfren saya tu, tp saya percaya ia pasti cantek…aduhaii…saya plak yg terlebey seronok..hehehe..saya suka tgk cara keje diorang..very patient dlm melayan karenah pengantin, mak andam dan tuan umah…berkat tunjuk ajar sifu SN la ni kot..SN pon slalu mentioned supaya sabar & always put customer on top 😛

    ok sempena maal hijrah dan new year ni saya doakan SN, SC team & family success in whatever u do! may All bless us all 😛

  2. Farida, maaf tak ada. Saya cuma ajar photography portrait utk ibu2 shj. Google Azhar Arif dia ada buat food photography workshop

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