ThePhotoMama.Com is born!

Finally ThePhotoMama.Com is born and you are invited to join the community. It’s open to all Mommies, Mommies’ husband, future mommies, boyfriend of future mommies and all who love to improve themselve how to shoot children by using whatever camera you have in hand (including a handphone camera). Click there and join the community. Join the forum and communicate with another mommies and more…get feedback from a few PHOTOMAMA EXPERTS there!

visit the web now at


7 Replies to “ThePhotoMama.Com is born!”

  1. Congratulation!!
    kita dah register pn kat photomama tu. Nice website. Tahniah sekali lagi n Salam maah hijrah 1430 n Happy new year.

    I hope your dream come true.

  2. i’ve been waiting since 1st photomama posting..eventho im not yet a mama..
    hope saya akan rajen mem full use kan camera saya tu..[azam thn baru]
    selamat thn baru 1430 H dan 2009..

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