Exchange Thought with Irfan Khairi & Nizal Mohamad

1 thing we have in common is…we can’t breath without internet. For those who don’t know Irfan Khairi, he was the one that created the phenomena of millionaire by internet business back in year 2000. He was already a millionaire with his internet business and earning average USD10,000 a day while completing his degree. For me, Irfan Khairi is a walking library. He’s very busy in giving talk and assisting people how to be the next millionaire in the comfort of their bed and pillows. I’m a little conventional except on the marketing side. I’m 100% established thru internet. But my product is very conventional…”Wedding Photography”.

Once upon a time, when I introduced myself as a wedding photographer, people said…”Ohhhh…” (and go and treat me like a 2nd class citizen…langsiii chett!).

I still remember those day when I was about 8 months old in wedding and I was so eager to share with others by organizing my 1st workshop with the fees of RM200…then I got slammed by a few professional including a prominent name like Jimin Lai (AFP Photojournalist), Matt Marzuki, Ted Adnan and few more. Now…most of them are friends. Nothing can stop me except myself. That time…these are the questions / statements came out from their mouth…

  1. “Who are you to organise a workshop?”
  2. “If you can charge RM200 per workshop, I shud charge RM20,000…(laugh)…”.
  3. “You’re nobody, please don’t spoil it…”

BUT…I decided, NOT TO LISTEN TO THEM. Instead, I took it as a STRONG motivation and CHALLENGE, Kadang2 degil ni berguna juga sekali sekala. Kalau diikutkan sangat orang lain, kadang2 kita pun tak kemana. Lebih2 pun kita akan jadi macam orang lain tu jugak. That day memang goyah jugak bila yang cakap2 tu semua handal2 dalam fotografi. Alhamdulillah sekarang ni tak ada siapa yg nak persoalkan kenapa saya buat workshop.

(Ini IK yang ambik…I have no choice, to be inside the picture, definitely other people must hold the cam hehehe)

Dah lari tajuk pulak, sebenarnya malam tadi I had supper with Irfan Khairi in Mapley Makbul TTDI, but it ended around 11am jer because IK have another appointment with his partner in crime (Nizal Mohamad). Then I pun menyibuk sekali (pantang kena offer terus jalan). There were some interesting chat in the other mapley (@ Damansara Perdana). Nizal is one of the most sought after TV presenter in Malaysia. It was fantastic chat between IK and I and it was fun to exchange story about how everyone of us break the 1st million with our individual way. Again, thanks IK & NM for the tehtarik session. (Kalau IK tak stop NM bercakap, maybe now, SN still in that mapley)


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16 Replies to “Exchange Thought with Irfan Khairi & Nizal Mohamad”

  1. SN, nice to know you – a very passionate person with your work!

    2nd picture tu saya yang ambik. lepas ni SN tak boleh cari makan la… ha ha 🙂


  2. wah!!! jelesnyee… u make me tink with ur story… berjumpa dgn ik dan nm memang satu perjumpaan yang akan memberi sapa sahaja akan teruja dgn cerita2 mereka – esp bgaimana mereka menjadi seorang yang berjaya sekarang…i wish…saya ada kat sana jugak menyibukss….hehehehe…:)

  3. i like the 8 months old in wedding photography thingy… u sure help us (new photographers) to pursue our thingy. come again to NBD and give us another workshop. 🙂

  4. semenjak mula pembabitan anda saya dah ikuti. memang satu perjalanan yang manarik untuk dikongsi. hasil gambar yang berkualiti dan cantik. cerita mengenai sindiran teman2 seperjuangan yang lain tu benar2 buat saya tersentuh, sebab ada persamaan.

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