How does giving makes you richer?

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There are verses in the holy quran stated that a good deeds will be multiplied by 7 then from 7 it grows 100 each. In some western idioms they believe “The more you give, the more you get”. Let me ask you how to explain the mechanic of how that could happen in science. NOT anything magic or assumptions.

Let me get you into a simple analogy. You have 40 people in your class. Each and everyone of you will bring a meal pack to school. One bring curry, one bring behoon, one toasted bread, one nasi goreng, one laksa sarawak and variation of it. Today you have meal pack of beehon. Then you go in front of the class and you said “Guys, if you want my behoon, you can have it…let’s eat together then”

Eventually, another classmate of yours come to the front and say the same. Then another one, and one and one and one till the whole 40 give others to eat their meal. Let’s start to be logic, who’s going to eat it all if all meal already been offered to others who also offer their meal to another people who offer their meal (and so on). The answer is “THEM”.

Now, we go into the mathematic. You have offer people to eat and followerd by others. Which mean you LOSE one meal box right? BUT when everybody is doing the same, are you losing 1 mealbox or GAINING 40 mealbox?

Simple right?

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