Muslim shouldn’t be poor.

Let’s try to think on tangent about Islamic value. The Islamic value is supposed to be described in much scientific approach in making the whole life easier and fascinating. There are many verses in the holy Quran stated that Allah want the Muslim to work like we are going to live for another 1000 years. As such, what the prophet has shown us the value of Islam with a lot of hardworks that make what Islam great in our previous generation.

However, many misconception happened when the Muslim itself taking the sunnah in some inappropriate perspective. A story about Umar Al-Khattab that has been questioned about his jubah which took more clothes than others despite of his big size has been interpreted wrongly by saying that Islam is acheter viagra too poor. Look at this angle, Saidina Umar was a khaliphate in Ar-rashiddin era and being a leader, he got to be honest and transparent in every single usage of the resources that has been gazetted for Islamic development. Non of the story telling what kind of cloth he was using when he got to appear in many diplomatic meeting?

People took the jubah of the prophet as one of the sunnah they followed. But many has forgotten that jubah were living in the same ranking of clothes like blazer & tuxedo nowadays. Not the jubah, but the status as THE BEST AND HIGH PROFILE cloth for a leaders during that era. In the real fact, some of us do argue about wearing blazer & tux are putting us similar with those non-muslim and we avoid it. While the fact, tux & blazer is the highest in clothing status in our era. In that situation, did you know jubah were also been worn by Abu Jahal? Abu Jahal is the leader of Makkah in the era of Hijr. That was the best status of cloth that people will wear. Now we take bluntly that we must wear jubah as sunnah instead of wearing the best status of cloth in our era.

Did you know what i mean?

In that sense, why do they forget to ride horses to work? Why choose car instead? Unless they know, horse were the best transport mean during prophet’s era. Do we suppose to ride the best car as a mean of transport in order to follow the sunnah? If we hold that, we might be the best ummah on the earth as we will work hard then only we can afford to get the best clothes & the best cars in our era.

I hope you get what i mean.

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