Mel & Kurt – San Francisco

Mel & Kurt is getting married. Hence, we were there in San Francisco to get them some nice collection of their pre-wedding images. Theie wedding will be happening this July, 1st. Kurt is an American mixed between East (Mom : Japanese) and West (Dad : American) while Melissa is a Malay resides in San Francisco. Currently pursuing her Master degree in Stanford University, Palo Alto. It reminds me to the day I meet Mark Zuckerberg in the facebook office. Both of them meet in Stanford during undergrad study. Kurt is now sitting to complete his Ph.D ini computer science. Originally, Kurt is from Washington D.C.

Currently I’m running 7 days non-stop Zero to Pro photography workshop in my Academy. A little bit busy to keep you guys updated about our progress here in CS. Hopefully, this one picture may be enough for thiese few days 😉




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  1. Wah! Slicing yang cukup power. Great post cikgu!

    U’re my idol 😉 Remaja 18 tahun yang mula memerhati gerak geri anda sejak dari usia 16 tahun beliau. Dan kini masih memerhati dan menaruh harapan yang cukup tinggi untuk bekerja bersama & menimba seilmu sifu & idolanya itu; Saiful Nang. Insya-Allah 😉

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