Ewnice & Tim Wedding Ceremony – Melbourne, Australia

Hi guys, this is another entry for images I shoot previously. There are a lot of other weddings that still queue to be updated here. Some don’t even have the chance to appear in this blog. Probably, this few recent entries are all featured non-Malay weddings. Which is something I try to highlight as well. Some people may think, Malay is the best to shoot Malay, Chinese is the best to shoot Chinese but in the other hand, I prefer new things so I may treat everything equally important and not to be selective in shooting. If you may already know what is important and what is not in one particular culture, you may not be detail in your photoshoot.

As for this entry, this is the wedding between Ewnice and Tim. I featured their wedding in this blog before for their portraiture session. Bu this one is more on their civil ceremony and their photos with friends. I had so much fun shooting this wedding and I really wish I could have more change for that. Eventually, Australian good photographers will cost around AUD 10-20k per wedding but this one is still less than AUD10k altogether. With AirAsia flying straight to Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane, things may got cheaper especially with advance booking 😉

Enjoy the pictures!



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27 Replies to “Ewnice & Tim Wedding Ceremony – Melbourne, Australia”

  1. I love your work especially the one with the iphone in it. Could you possibly share also the equipment (camera? lens? bla bla bla) you’ve used during the shoot and the post-processing after it? Thanks SN.

  2. nice pic…
    nice tone colour…suke tgk koleksi gmba yg diambil oleh abg siful…bile la bole blaja teknik2 yg menarik dan cantik ni….hehehe

  3. saya sangat suka pic no2 dr atas.apa tu..lembut mcm jelly..kain ke?flower gerl punya bunga tu coklat eh..kreatif…

  4. Terima kasih kepada semua yang sudi menurunkan komen2 anda di sini. Saya terasa seronok semula berkongsi di sini setelah legasi blog ini diambil alih oleh facebook. Teruskan menulis kerana kata2 anda menjadi semangat untuk saya bekarya.

    Anum, saya guna Photoshop CS4
    Min, I used Canon 60D and 5Dmk2 with 85mm & 24mm sometime 16-35mm and rarely firing flash.
    d1, you can be better if u want it.
    Ann, itu gown pengantin dari angle bawah (sebelum dipakai lah)

  5. saiful…i like it evrytime u snapped the parts when the bride r putting on her gown…with all the straps….nice n so much thing u can predict just from that moment..=)

  6. I always wait for ur new blog entries..and u never fail to impress ur viewers..always worth the wait..keep on writing n posting ur great pics!!!

  7. banga ada ank melayu sehebat nie sy doa kn anda terus berjaya,. sy akan jdkn anda cnth utk sy berjaya spt anda…

  8. Tahniah buat Mr Saiful…anda mmg yang terbaik dan saya sentiasa menjadikan karya anda sebagai pendorong untuk saya menjadi lebih baik.doa saya semoga anak melayu ini akan terus berjaya dan mengharumkan nama negara..keep it up Mr Saiful Nang….

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