Burma Superstar, San Francisco

Hi all! Have u ever imagine a few medium size restaurant serving Asian food from Burma able to make a long queue in front of their restaurant most of the day? I was seriously wonder how this chain of restaurants able to attract more white instead of Asian eaters. Desmond is the guy I meet near the Golden Gate San Francisco yesterday. It’s less than 24 hours after first time we meet them. And now, we have been tasked officially to do a little documentary on how fun the cooks and the customers are. There are more images coming up soon but these are few that I managed to edit. We have another session of shooting tonight before we leave San Francisco tomorrow morning.

Thanks a lot Desmond for entrusting me & Ahim in photographing your fantastic restaurant. For the readers in Malaysia and some Malaysian in USA, this restaurant rated among the best in yelp.com and are among the most reviewed restaurants in the United States (of course….superb review, not the other way around).

Enjoy the piccas!



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7 Replies to “Burma Superstar, San Francisco”

  1. You went to US to shoot wedding events and who would have known this was coming…shows how rezki ada di mana2… Tahniah…we cant wait to read more of your writings and looking at your shots! Thumbs up!!

  2. Wow, I cant believe I am seeing these pictures. I plan to visit San Francisco soon and Burma Superstar is widely reviewed and listed as a must-go to restaurant for foodies. What a coincidence… Thanks for the pics-I will definitely be there soon!

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