Johann Chau & Mina Tse – A Wedding in Chicago

Yeah finally I got my spare time for this entry after I missed my flight from Chicago to San Francisco. I’m writing this quickly as I have to do anotherΒ  location scouting for tomorrow’s pre-wedding photoshoot between Kurt & Melissa. I had so much fun working with Johann & Mina despite of Johann’s VERY VERY strict parents,Β  aunties that love to intervene my shooting (but they are very friendly) AND flamboyant brothers. Ahim and I had so much good time photographing different culture from the other side of the world. Well, it wasn’t so different as compared to any other western and oriental wedding I have done so far…but it’s totally a new set of experience there.

Especially when we have to deal with the extreme weather in the most well known WINDY CITY, Chicago. Practically we shoot mostly below zero celcius for the outdoor portraiture. The only drive we have is only by telling ourselves “We have come this far and cold can NEVER be an excuses for us not to get the shots that we want”

Thank God that we finally did it. It just an attitude to get good pictures. And it’s about “you’ to challenge to be a better “you”. We were contracted to shoot for only 8 hours as per agreed. But I clocked-in more than 18 hours shooting altogether and I don’t complain about it…in fact…I’m so much happier if I have longer time. Longer time means more photographic opportunities to explore.

If you are passionate about photography, then you will know what am I talking about. If you do photography because of money…you will never understand that drive πŸ˜‰




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24 Replies to “Johann Chau & Mina Tse – A Wedding in Chicago”

  1. Inani, terima kasih banyak2 πŸ˜€
    Angel…awak dah kahwin ke belum? Kalau belum nanti ambil saya lah ek heheh. Kalau dah…nanti anak kahwin panggil saya juga πŸ˜€
    K.Bariah, saya juga sukakannya…saya suka space yg byk2 macam tu πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Jeff…sorry for the late appearance at the hotel lobby when u were tasked to pick us up. Yeps…your family are unique and really great to have the opportunity to work with them. Don’t forget to fly me there again for your wedding πŸ˜€ Where’s Johny Chou πŸ˜€ He always pissed off with me and Ahim when we converse in Malay hahahha.

    Hidayah… πŸ˜€

  3. Tahniah orang muda..anda aktif, progresif dan kreatif. zaman ini semua orang boleh ambik gambar, tapi hanya org yg ada ilmu yg dapat apply dgn baik. thanks juga pd teknologi. tapi kena ingat.. Creavity comes before technologi..

  4. aha… another masterpiece of SN. hehe… i like πŸ™‚
    ehem.. dah gi jenjalan tu, mesti ada byk pics selain their wedding’s yg u captured, kan? pics like…. maybe the scenery, people, building etc di sana. ada kan? nak tgk nak tgk nak tgkkkk!!!
    hihi ;P

  5. SN will alway be SN……gambar tetap simple n cun…tak susah tp tak terfikir oleh orang lain.So syaiful yang sorang ini akan tiru…..

  6. Incredible pictures, Saiful. I cannot wait to see more. Thank you so much for the positive mindset. It was a really a challenge for me to pose in the cold and to keep up with you considering that you live near the equator and I live in Chicago! Your enthusiasm for photography is refreshing. πŸ™‚

  7. Johann, thanks a lot…I’m glad to hear that and tq for flying us all the way from Asia πŸ˜‰
    Ajun, nama dia…”Vintage Tone Saiful Nang”…nak tahu ni kena masuk workshop Post-Imaging Process yg saya anjurkan hujung bulan ni heheheh
    Syaiful, that’s unique and idea
    tutucute, yg tu nanti lah πŸ˜›
    Pucukpaku & others…thanks for your encouraging words. Those are the words who keep me in this line.

  8. Salam Abg Saiful.

    Gambar yg abg ambil memberi saya ilham dan inspirasi untuk terus mendalami alam fotografi ini. Jadi jangan mengalah, terus pandang ke hadapan. Saya sentiasa menyokong Abg Saiful Nang.

  9. Terbaik la SN…sy gembira SN kembali berblog semula…post2 SN didalam blog ini memberikan inspirasi dan motivasi kepada sesetengah orang….

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