Tim & Ewnice – Portraiture, Melbourne

Thank Ewnice and his husband Tim. Ewnice is an Australian resides in Melbourne and found me coincidentally on the web and started to ask about my service in photography since last year. There were simple communication which finally she put her commitment to give it a go. And I was WOWW!! it’s my first wedding in Melbourne. Thank to Ewnice & Tim’s family who have been so sporting and very friendly…except Ewnice’s dad who easily get conscious about my camera and start looking at it then he said “Take more of the ladies pictures, I’m not important…” Hhehehe…anyway, he’s so friendly and I adore his artwork, his house. He’s a great architect. Ewnice is a graphic designer running her own business married to Tim, a furniture entrepreneur. Both of them in business.

It’s simply a great wedding and I’m glad to be part of the whole event.




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16 Replies to “Tim & Ewnice – Portraiture, Melbourne”

  1. Farid, tu pasal kena masuk PIP hehehhehe. Basically main benda asas jer. Masking, color balance, level dan curve. Tapi semua edit ikut separate channel.
    Azzaharry….tqvvvm 😀
    Trm kasih Yun…i appreciate that

  2. Welcome back saiful…im sure most of us used to check for updates on your website once every few days before this..keep the beautiful pictures coming….we really really appreciate ur work of art…

  3. abg SN,bleh tunjuk ajar x dri mane nk mula???.
    hehehe,sya bru lpas spm n tgah tngu result…
    minat nk jdi jurugmbar ne…tp,satu bnda pun x tahu pcal dslr n cra2 nk ambk gmbar…
    bleh abg SN bgitau dri mane nk mula????

  4. tq abg SN…
    insyaallah,kalau ada msa,sya join pgram kt SNAP..
    sya org sarawak sbnarnya…
    sukar sikit nk join…

  5. tq skali lagi abg SN,nasihat itu akn saya jdikan motivasi untk cpai impian saya dan brtemu dgan abg SN sendiri…..

  6. Im vry vry confident you have loyal readers..when u were inactive some of us still read ur past posts in fotopages…way the go!!!

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