A Debut Wedding Short Film – Karipap Nabilah

Script & Director : Saiful Nang
Producer : Azman Salikin
Unit 1 Camera : Hafiz
Unit 2 Camera : Qaiyum
Clapperboard : Yuslan
Starring by : Basyar, Nabilah & Yuslan
Location : Kampung Sawah Sempadan, Tg. Karang
Location Owner : Sofian

This is our first attempt to create something different in prewedding film. It was a norm people shoot beauty shots and mtv kind of approach in their prewed video but this time, we tried something different.

The first challenge was, Nabilah came to our office and said that they are conventional and the guest of the wedding are conventional too. So, there’ll be no typical physical contact in this video. Which mean, no kissing and no hugging. While Hafiz said it was hard, I said…I love the challenge. Hence, we came out with this idea. It doesn’t need any physical contact between the bride and the groom and it’s rated as “U” (Untuk Tontonan Umum) and not PG (Parental Guide) heheheh. One thing about this short film, it’s an extremely low budget film. We wish to do it professionally with the involvement of many other gadget and gears to make the movie look nice. As for now, we let the strength of the movie be the storyline.

It was about 13 minutes presentation. It was a bit long for people to put their eyes on the screen. Because there are story inside the film, the whole 1000 viewers in the hall during the premiere (wedding) nailed their eyes into the film till the end. THank God, the idea became the talk of the hall.

We have invested more after this video to improve the quality of location audio and please welcome if you wish to have your’s. It’s tailor made to your story. Then, we’ll modify it to make it better 😉



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