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I had the opportunity to visit USA recently and just returned home from there. What was interesting (to me least) was the fact that I had to shoot a Malay wedding in a foreign land. Obviously, it was something that never once crossed my mind. Despite the fact that a lot of things normally available at a Malay wedding were lacking there (totally understandable of course, considering that they were away in a foreign land), I think the couple have done a marvellous job at hosting such a Malay traditional wedding, thousands and thousands of miles away from home. What I appreciate the most at this wedding was the “friendship” that was extended. Everyone in this picture (and also some others who were not here) got involved in the preparation and celebration in order to make the event a success, without thinking of the monetary gains behind it. They worked just like any other professional.

That’s the value we find in “small” numbers. Everyone is ever willing to help in any way they can. I was able to take lots of pictures. Will try to feature some of them here for your viewing pleasure soon.  Meanwhile…enjoice!



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