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Hi, I’m back after many months of hectic schedule. I’m no longer doing photography alone. As you read this, I’m currently sitting as the core people in Saiful Nang Academy of Photography (SNAP), leading the Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd as the CEO, shooting more photograph outside the country as well as still shooting wedding ACTIVELY! (just not actively share the pictures). Banyak sangat kerja kena buat tambah-tambah lagi, sejak minggu lepas, saya dah kembali hidup sebagai seorang student untuk Post-graduate Studies. Dengan azam untuk score my Ph.D before i reach 35, I think I will be very very busy.

That’s why, you see seldom update here in this blog. Further, more people like to click on the facebook while they forgot to see this page and comment hehehe. But in FB….meriahhh makcikk!

This time around, the wedding of Gee & Mus. A small yet soooooo beautiful wedding. Full of candles and flowers! Wahhhh… Enjoice!

Then….the end….

So now, can u see how much i enjoy shooting this wedding? I still have more than 20 weddings since February that I still not feature it here or in my fb. I’m not sure weather I have the time for that or not. Guys, wish me luck 😉




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Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
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