Working Trip to Delhi & Moscow – Day 1

Thank god, for another time, I’m honored by a couple from New Delhi and Moscow to photograph their precious moments. This time around, I still fly together with my ever best photography companion, Ahim Rani (Principal Photographer of CandidSyndrome Brunei). New Delhi is now in summer with temperature during day time can go up to 38 degrees and at night as low as 20 degrees. This is my 2nd time in India. The first one was in Bombay, also for photography assignment.

The pictures featured in this entry is among thousand of snaps I had this afternoon. Delhi is a photography heaven where you can find many things really photogenic. Maybe because I’m not familiar with this place, hence everything seems so interesting. Just the same like the wedding culture I’m going to shoot here…it’s strange for me. With some thorough studies, I’m pretty sure, all that are easy. Furthermore, I’m a moment catcher…all I have to do is just to follow the flow. Not a big problem at all. Out of thousands images, I managed to go through less than quarter until now, hence, I can only feature these. There’ll be a full entry for this couple soon.

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  1. Salam saifulnang,

    saya sangat teruja tgk all the pix taken in delhi, sebab sebelum nih hajat dihati teringin sangat nak ke delhi untuk ke taj mahal, and bila tgk gmbr2 yg saiful ambil, lagik la keinginan nak ke delhi membuak2, saiful bekesempatan ke taj mahal ke?! anw lav all ur pix!!!

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