Me at KLCC – by Canon

I’ve been invited to give my thought on my experience using Canon system. Thanks for the honour! I’ve been using Canon for the past 1 year. In 4 years career in photography, I’ve been approached by 1 well-known brand in manufacturing Camera to be their spokesperson. The offer was good including the possibilities in using their top-end camera like your own camera and their range of lenses. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to answer this question…

“Do I have to say it’s good eventhough it’s not and can I share both the good and bad thing about your camera instead of always sharing about the good thing?”

Just because of this question, I have to say sorry (sambil hantuk2 kepala ke dinding…kalau tak dapat camera free). It’s different with Canon. They didn’t appoint anyone to be their ambassador. But, they serve me very well and again…I can share whatever good & BAD about their product. Practically…nothing is perfect. But I hate to tell people a lie. Until today, when Canon invited me to share my experience, I’m so much happy to accept it (eventhough I’m still pay for any purchase with them) but I’m very happy, at least I can tell the truth about their system. So far, I live happily with Canon system 😉

This are the detail about my session;

Time : 1.30-2.15pm (45 minutes on stage)

Date : 1st June 2008

Venue : KLCC, Concourse


5 Replies to “Me at KLCC – by Canon”

  1. saya jumpa saiful nang di sana!
    saya la budak mmu dan ec tu
    bangga gle jumpa sn
    xleh tido malam.
    and kitaorang rasa u humble gle babas
    cool gle

  2. hi assalamualaikum abg saifulnang.
    ada gamba2 abg saifulnang and akak dekat blog.
    xlawa pon gamba.
    biasa2 jer.
    sonok :D.

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