Travelog 3: Nanga Kesit Longhouse, Lubuk Antu Sarawak – by Saiful Nang

Sungai Lemanak, sungai ni yg kita lalu untuk sampai ke sini. There’s something about this perahu. Dulu, headhunter akan keluar rumah menggunakan perahu yang begini (tanpa enjin bot lagi) dan mereka akan pulang membawa kepala yang kan digantung di “Ruai Rumah” (Common Hall) di Nanga Kesit Longhouse. Some headhunter came home with head, some came with badly injured but still with a head and the worst part, they weren’t return.

Aki with another guide to an Austrian tourist busy in preparing the dinner. They cooked well there. Ikan bawal masak masam manis, ayam masak kari, sayur dan ulam2 hutan yang sgt sedapp sehingga menjilat kaki (Selipar pun sedap kalau dah lapar)

This time, rice wasn’t cooked in the bamboo anymore. They have a proper kitchen here. For those who wish to have halal food, u just need to bring the raw chicken or beef to this kitchen and u can cook it yourself (if not your guide)

Yummyyyy!!! One of the dishes. Ayam masak Kari cooked by Aki. We filled the stomach like we never eat before. After the dinner, we went to the longhouse for “Ngajat Dance” (A traditional dance performed by the longhouse citizen)

Tarian Ngajat 1

Tarian Ngajat 2

Ngajat Dancers. I’ve been informed that this dance is a Spiritual Ritual performed during the harvest festival. And further, this ritual will also call an unusual strength to the dancer until they able to lift a “Lesung Kayu” just by using their teeth. 1 day before I left Kuching for this Longhouse. I went for a dinner just across the waterfront. There I had a change to perform a Ngajat dance and yeahh…I managed to lift a “Lesung Kayu” by my gigi tau (But not the heavy one hahahhaa…because that one utk show sahaja)

I mentioned about this right? This is a real human skull placed in the Longhouse “Ruai Rumah”. They put it on the ceiling and visible to whoever walk under it.

After Ngajat dance and some Tuak has been served (to those Austrian tourist yg minum) then they started to show their handicrafts. Some of it I see it very original and really fine. Bu tbe carefull, I saw 1 with a pricetag. Because they bought it outside and bring it to the longhouse and make it look like original made by their hands 😉

SURPRISEE!!! This is the view inside the longhouse. We were invited to visit to the “Tuai Rumah
house. Don’t be surprised! They have broadband connection there 😉

Undilah Parti Cap Ayam!

We were hungry after the Ngajat performance. Then, Zamrin cooked us 8 packets of Maggi! Good enuff for us to sleep well that night. Next morning, there’ll be a PHOTOHUNTING started by 5.30am. Wait until u see the final episode of Nanga Kesit Longhouse Travelog.

Till then, ENJOICE!

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  1. Good day far as i can see the vignetting for your full frame 5D is quite noticeable from almost your photos! Hmmm any tips to combat this?

  2. nothing much different even with 1Ds Mk III. However, avoid using the wide range then the vignet will be gone.

  3. Salam SN…

    Nama sungai tu Sungai Lemanak.
    Nama masakan ayam kuning tu Ayam Masak Kari….heheheheee….
    tapi tak payah betulkan lah… so funny when u said it like that & bila terkenang cerita disebalik pengalaman hari tu…

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