Brainless Tought

Dari komen seorang pelawat yang bermasalah dgn entry “I bought it Myself”…


A’kum SN,

Semua yang sokong u pon kebanyakan either “girlish” atau your ex-clients. And semua yg browse ur blog ni pon are your – fans?!?? so biased la the opinions. What support la like this? Actually, kemenyampahan with your attitude in ‘denial’ dah lama buat ramai yg meluat.

SN : Great enuff for me when u put my ex-clients as part of my followers. At least I know they love our works and will continue supporting my career. So great u ah? Macam ahli nujum boleh tahu semua kan?

Take it for a fact:

1. U really took the ‘easy’ ticket for ‘your so called glory’ by marrying the Dr. daughter of a an ex-dysfunctional Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran under a lame Menteri Pelajaran(we know who). U punye perangai ni sama mcm Khairy Jamaluddin je. The ‘Menantu’ ticket.

SN : I’m still here and u can say whatever u want to say. Just like me, and others

2. Marrying the daughter of a Datuk/Dato’/Tan Sri/Tun/Prince/King/Lapok/Keropok is ‘NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF OK???!!!’ Ur still a mere human. Unless u want to be a B.E.R.U.K? Thousands have been cross marrying between lower class-1st class citizens and no fuss about that? It only shows one thing – u are still merely K.A.M.P.O.N.G la sort of thinking by looking at these tittles instead of the merits of one’s personality and capability. Aha, dont try to credit yourself for starting as a kampung boy and kononnya made it BIG. You did cut corners as the first point above.

SN : Woww! I’m a wedding photographer and 95% of my company revenue came from wedding. Ada sesiapa tahu government ada offer tender untuk wedding photography?

3. Why the need to blog about your bloody girly Beemer 320i underpowered gift car by your dad in law? Get a really charged up 325i M-sports, M3 or better of all, the 6-series la if u really can afford. Dont bother to cover up by telling readers that while people already drive Honda Accord, Merc, Beemers back then that you are still driving the ridiculous Kancil 660 because you are trying to be smart by not buying the dream car? Admit it, you can’t afford even until now that your wife is paying the monthly installment with her also ridiculous MMU low mow pay! WTF?!

SN : I dont want to comment this. U’re so shallow4. You really hate elitist, as what your photoblogs have been saying all these years. Fine. But your acts and attitude, shows that you are D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.E.L.Y trying to become one yourself. Ironic.

SN : I dont want to comment this. U’re so shallow

5.You never admit your mistakes, and then you try to portray that you are so real in your effort. C’mon, you never stroke a ‘Million in Cash’. If you ever really did, of course it is because of the reason that was stated before, e.g. assistants from your daddy in law or that million is merely an accounting figure, of the total overhead costs of your company’s overhead. For an SME that size, I’d say, that is sooo sad. Sorry. Thats the truth.

SN : I dont want to comment this. U’re so shallow

Then lastly, it never even cost much money anyway to go to Paris. An economy class ticket is just around RM4k or RM5k the most if not lesser. What if you bought the tickets during MATTA Fair, which will only u, the one who can’t afford to buy a Full Fare Y-Class. to buy a V class or an M Class which is heavily discounted. You might got the RM0 ticket and just pay the taxes. Even a group of students, with their PTPTN loan can afford that. Again, dont show this kind of rubbish la. Next time, fly Business or First Class la. Thats true professionalism. Or I might be forgetting, you will term that attitude and seek reasons to it that flying Business Class is elitist. So you created the reason that you wont fly Business, not because that you cant afford it, but you tell others that you are being smart spending. Again, WTHell???

SN : I’m still flying economy class and AirAsia. So what’s the problem?

P/S: Get rid of the “Official Phographer for bla bla Sultan Brunei’s daughter footer la.” CS is not the ONLY photographer appointed by Istana Brunei during the royal wedding. Grow up la..macam budak2 put all this baseless salesman tactics. Truth is, better close down your company la.

SN: Check the fact with Jabatan Penerangan Brunei, can u?


Impressed with the English, but sad with the st*pid attitude. Good english now spoken by brainless people jugak sebenarnya. I don’t know who wrote that. But I know in the rest of the comments in that entry, it came majority from those who know me from the beginning. Their name is familiar and I know most of them. Who should we trust? someone wrote about us because they know us from our past time? or…someone that u never know who with the email address

This morning, the time i packed-up my stuff to go to Melaka, I received this comment to be moderated. And it’s very very funny! Brainless thought, orang cerita lain dia paham lain. In my fotopage time, I don’t bother about this kind of comment. Once it appear I never delete it. No harm to my career at all. This time, I have choice to put approve it or not. But this time, i feel I like to highlight this. Because it’s funny! lagipun dah lamaaaaaa sangaatttt tak dpt komen macam ni 😀 Apa salahnya this time, I share with the reader kan. Padal dulu pun masa kat FP i tak pernah delete komen2 begini.


with whatever signature I want to put.


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  1. Salam … saya nie silent follower SN … betul SN cakap klu camnie punya mengarut camnie, mmg kelaka betul saya baca … saya SN boleh atasi semua ini … insya-Allah … 🙂

  2. (smiling)
    alahai SN..i teringat u penah bgtau yg JGN PEDULIK APA ORG NK CKP.. hurm.. so i think u takkan pedulik apa yg this creature komen kat u kan??? kita buat akan berbunyi.. kita buat jahat lagi org bebunyi.. kita tak dpt nak tutup mulut org.. so.. berbalik pada perkara di atas ‘JGN PEDULIK APA ORG NK CKP’ okeh! (even tho kita ni idop bermasyarakat n tak leh ignore mcm tuh je kan?)

  3. I ingat budak nih kena sawan la, tak pun kena selsema burung. Apa yang dia mencarut tak tentu pasal nih? Orang Sarawak cakap “orang sewel ngerepak”.

    Bro SN, baik tak yah layan orang cam gini. Sama jer macam sesetengah “orang” kat Dewan Rakyat tu, melalak nombor satu, tapi hapah pun tarak..

    Wish u all the best.

  4. maybe we’re ur fan, suka hati le SN nak berbangga dengan kehidupannya,those yang jeles dengan kehidupan orang lain so lame and biadap, hahahaha kesiannye..
    my dad strike million also, i know how SN are, my dad selamba je dia lagi la masa kecik miskin gile,ayah xde, mak penoreh getah, but then dia xpernah cerita itu sebagai sesuatu yang sedih tetapi dia gelak gelak lagik, so relax je SN ske ati la nak berbangga dengan kehidupan u no matter how it is, i know my u laugh, i will be to if i were u! its ur life and be proud of it no matter what, live ur life to the fullest and the way u want it to be!!

  5. I support u sn & i’m not girlish or ur client. And yes, i am your fan.

    Tapi bila orang question jodoh kita, apehal mamat nih. Come on la. Itu Qada’ Qadar Tuhan dah tetapkan & who r u to question that? Think you are so great to question that & knew everything that u can accuse other people all sorts of things? Harap je orang islam bagi salam tapi attitude macam ni. Orang yang hati nya busuk, hitam & penuh hasad dengki macam tu la. Orang lain strike one million, dia strike a fool’s attitude. This is SN’s blog & dia nak blog pasal beemer dia, ape sibuk? Dia nak beli kancil dulu ke, ape sibuk? Tak penah dengar pasal delayed gratification ka? haiyaa… and then making fun of wife orang lain. Ape laa..grow up la, mcm budak2 cakap cmni. ikut email plak tu. Cakap depan2 la kalu berani.

    Bukan semua orang mampu nak pergi paris even with the rm4k ticket, matta fairs’ ticket ke, or even with the airasia long haul ticket. And since when true professionalism significantly correlated with flying on business or first class?? Aduyai..cakap bodoh kang marah..tapi sombong, macam pandai sangat. Ni la dia contoh terulung Bodoh Sombong.

    And i’m so sorry sn for writing like this, but I really pitied this guy. While other people are working so hard to be successful in life, this guy is working really hard to piss other people off (but yet failed) and in the end, he is the one who always sakit hati, tensen & ntah-ntah finally dapat hypertension. Orang lain dapat one million. Kesian..

    Anyway, for those who do not like seeing other people being successful, just buzz off and stand out of the way of other people who are going to. Grow up la!

    Enjoice! (oppss..pinjam..hehe…)

  6. adoi la….
    agree with hanie…
    orang yang bagi comment macam ni, selalunya akan cakap :-
    “cara pemikiran msyrkt ni kolot la..”
    tapi, hakikatnya, dorg yang berpikiran kolot…
    hahahha..btol tak??

    sn, just live ur life….

  7. biasalah lumrah manusia yang tak suka tengok org berjaya..anyway saiful keep r good work jgn pedulikan kata org, yang penting u mesti pandang ke depan.insyallah akan lebih berjaya dari yg u ada sekarang.:-)

  8. Wow.. what a comment! Sometimes when things like this happen, we just have to laugh it off… don’t let it affect your day, bcoz that’s the reason why that person tulis pun… but i’m really amazed with the way you handled it. obbviously that person is jealous of you.. hahaha..

  9. Hi SN, a pity to who or what ever who wrote that comment. I am with you since your first fotopages entry. Admirer your passion in what what you do best!

    Hey dude… get a life la…

    Har.. har.. har…

  10. I am a girl and I personally don’t know SN that much. I got a chance to meet him once and other than that I followed him virtually through his fotopages and photoskool.

    Personal Experience:
    Not wanting to miss out to see what CS have to offer at the MV Bridal Fair, I went there from Johore and as fans I would think twice even to say hi to him so that time I casually browse the album just like other people is doing. In the other hand, he is the one who came to me and greeted me and call me by my name, I repeat by name even both of us only met once before that. That’s how down to earth SN to me. So the “kenyampahan with his attitude” I beg to differ.

    He even let this kind of dramas keep on rolling at his fp and now here.

    My opinion the man has worked hard and now has reached his goal. Whatever he wanted to write, brag and spend is up to him. It’s his money, his life so be it.

  11. hi lam…ingat lagi rupanya 😀
    port443 : I personally know AMU Sanusi, a professional young man with very reputable background. In fact, he considered my ex-client as well. I shoot for both of his sisters’ weddings. I personally don’t think he’s the one.

  12. Salam. seriously, im d one yg bengang bile bace ur entry td. it’s ok. PERSETANKAN je. sekali org bt jahat ngan kite, seribu kali kite balas dgn bnde baik. i wish u all d best SN. amin~

  13. Adik SN, dah check dgn wife you belum. Kot ini dia punya secret admirer dulu. Dia yg mengurat you yg dapat. Jealous lah tu. Anyway bak kata adlin dalam AF6 pedulikan apa kata orang lain. Go on man… I know how you achieve your million mark… Hard work!!

  14. la ada lagi orang komen macam ni kat sn. buat tak tahu je. teruskan usaha. sampai naik kapal terbang kelas apa pun orang bising. saya naik bas je kalau pergi shoting.

  15. Assalamualaikum..salam perkenalan dari Brunei. Just wanna say that i luvvvv ur work. Kalo saya kawin nanti bestnyer kalo dapat bekerja dgn team CS ni.. hehe

  16. hahaha..
    this is your blog, u can say anything u want.
    if u x cite ur life, we wont know your life.
    and, u have to know that, by telling ppl about ur life, u can inspire them. memberi semangat dkat org2 susah jugak untuk berjaya. to show that,nothing is impossible.
    dah la SN, org ni mmg x puas hati.
    cm, poyo pulak. haha. lame2.

  17. OMG!

    Ada lagi orang YANG TAK BERTAMADUN di dunia nie.
    Wutever, whoever this bloody creature on earth (which i dont know which PLANET he/she came from), i believe HE’S ONE OF YOUR FAN TOO.. maybe he donno how to share his/her heartfelt towards your blog.

    FYI, i never know you or CANDID SYNDROME. But i admire how you picture THE BEAUTY OF ALLAH CREATION and project in your blog or in your fotopages.

    And how u wanna share with your LOVE ONES, BUDDIES,VIEWERS and OTHERS.

    Don’t worry … ENEMIES are everywhere and ALLAH SWT oso everywhere to LISTEN,BLESS,PROTECT and EVERYTHING that no one on EARTH could possibly ever to replace.

  18. hmm..mcm2 perangai org kt dunia nih. t’kjt gak bc komen dierang especially when they mention about ‘standard’ between 1st class citizens(kononnye kelas elit lah) and org kebanyakan. now i realize that people kt dunia ni terlalu mementingkan darjat/pangkat. btw, i think SN bijak dlm membelanjakan percutian. why u need tp pay more when u just sit on a plane n tidoq sepanjang perjalanan. biaq p la kt diorang SN oiii…

  19. Assalamualaikum,

    Firstly I thank Saiful for alerting me of a person signing off comments with my initials such as it may tarnish my name.

    The person writing as A M U Sanusi is not me. I would typically sign off as A M Ubaidah S on blogs, my own or when I comment on others’, or as Akhramsyah Sanusi, Akhramsyah M U Sanusi or indeed my full name. I don’t recall any occassion over the last few years when I ever did sign off as A M U Sanusi so if there was, it would be confined to history, and where such records may be active still, would only be due to technical limitations for naming.

    So, the A M U Sanusi commenting here is not Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi or A M Ubaidah S. If this is an attempt to sabotage my good name, you would be able to sus out why probably from reading my blog: if you haven’t already.

    And say perhaps there may then appear another fellow signing off as A M Ubaidah S in future that was not me, I would hope readers of my blog would know what I stand for and those who don’t would deign to check for consistency.

    Just for Saiful’s good name, my family and I as a whole have always remained happy with his and his firm’s delivery to us, are admirers of his wider body of works and indeed if we were to meet more often beyond his professional capacity, I dare say we would be friends. Appreciate his efforts in clarifying this matter, and I indeed find the views of the A M U Sanusi that commented on this blog crass, unbecoming, unprofessional, obtuse and just within the boundaries of moronic literature… hence again, NOT my words…

    Thanks and wassalam,

    Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi
    @ A M Ubaidah S

  20. THanks Akhram (The real AMU Sanusi – Akhramshah Muammar Ubaidah bin Tan Sri Datuk Seri Sanusi), one of Malaysia famous political blogger that changed the Malaysia democracy ambient recently. To clear his good name, I hereby confirmed the “imposter” using the signature AMU Sanusi wasn’t him. I know this because I know Akhram personally.

  21. Dunia ni akan aman secara total bila manusia mengasihi antara sesama manusia.

    Dah kalo mcm nih ntah bila x tau nak rasa. Penyakit yang mmg dah lama merebak dalam sistem sosial…

    Wonder how they sleep at night thinkin’ of others…diorang x takut backfire diorang balik ke?

    Mcm aku yang shoot for fun nih pong takut tgk…


    Deal with it.. As i mentioned earlier, we are the one who paint our JOURNEY & PARADISE, but in this case maybe these culprit paint HIS/HER OWN HELL!


  23. Salam sn dan semua yg membaca,

    Saya xkenal siapa SN yg sebenar.Apatah lagi SN nak kenal saya.Tapi Allah swt kenal kita semua (Maha Mengetahui).Saya bukan Ustaz mahupun ahli ulama’.Saya hamba Allah swt yg xpenah terlepas dari melakukan dosa2.Saya pun xpasti pandangan saya ini akan diberi ganjaran pahala ataupun dosa.Hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu,Wallahua’lam.

    1. Kalau saya SN : Saya akan doakan kesejahteraan
    keatas pengkritik2 yg mcm tue agar suatu
    hari nnt tuhan dapat membuka pintu hati
    mereka menerima kebaikan org lain dan
    memohon agar diampunkan dosa2 mereka semua.

    2. Kalau saya Pengkritik : Saya akan berterima kasih pada
    mereka (yg dikritik) kerana
    mendoakan kesejahteraan saya
    walaupun saya terus2an mencemuh

    to SN : cuma perlu cakap Alhamdulillah dan doakan yg baik2 utk
    mereka2 tue…
    to Pengkritik : tanye diri,”siapa aku nie yang nak hukum

    p/s : yg buruk tue dtg dari saya,yg baik tue datang dari
    Allah swt.Wallahua’lam…

  24. salam….
    just proceed in what are you doing now…
    pedulikan la apa pun org nak kata…
    besa la.. org memuji tak ramai.. org dengki je ramai..
    apa pun pekak kan telinga
    bior kiter dapat pahala ‘free’ daripada org yg mengumpat tak kena tempat nie…
    apa pun wishing u all the best!!!!

  25. I’m sorry but dunno ur work. And this person was not courageous to give you his real name. Well, i just wanna say that you do a great job. I admire ur work since 2004-2005 and i can say that ur pics are very creatives, wonderful :).

  26. hai mr saiful,

    i am going to be your company’s future client this coming november. my fiancee and have visited your office, and frankly speaking, i can really see all the sincerity in every single detail of your office. i face these kinds of things as well, and i understand how you feel… and believe me, it’s really demotivating, sometimes. however, life goes on…if you have 1000 people around you, not every single person will like you..there will always be one or two persons who will always make your life miserable…just tell them to get a life….keep on doing what you do best…and i believe, Allah will always be there with those who are patient.

    ps: I am an english lecturer, frankly speaking, the blogger’s english is bad….ask him/her to check his/her work before submitting them to the public to be read… :p

  27. Hate blogger’s who used your blog just to “hantam” you or other bloggers. (ie: try to teach bloggers how to write-send their comment)

    Take care and good luck!

  28. Gile dengki mamat/minah ni kat u!! hahhaha gile gile!!
    SN, im not ur x-client or who ever pun, but im the person yg suke tgk benda2 cantik yg u hasilkan! i know u pon from my fren wedding… n yess ur work bisa menusuk jiwa! org tu buta seni kot.. or buta takleh tgk gamba2 u!

  29. Kelakar tul lar si PHD nih..b’tauliah sungguh dia..huhuh kalo dh ade fp,blog @ website mst ar ade followers2 nyer..SN mybe dia xle jd mcm u so, dia wat lar t’kenal dgn cerita2 mcm nih..kehkehkeh

    p/s selalu2 lar bersihkan hati..nauzubillah kalo de PHD.

  30. isk..taktaulah nak kata apa.apsal laa dengki sangat SN beli kete apa..kau mampu ke? kalau kau mampu, kau duduk diam2..KAU KAYA…yaa..KAU KAYAAA!

    aku terus terang cakap,aku tak mampu. so aku jadikan kejayaan SN ni sebagai dorongan utk berjaya. aku tensen betul la ngan orang2 jaki camni tau.flight ngan jodoh pun nak low.

    lek2 ya SN. u da bomb.

  31. dah la tu..kalau orang tu kaya..pakai beemer 320i skali pun..or kalau betul dia dapat projek dari masuk tender pak mentua dia pun..sekurang2 nya dia usaha utk menjayakan tender dia dapat tu(tapi kementerian pelajaran ada tender kenduri kawin ker?)..

    dari kita dengki kat dia…baik kita cari duit bagi kita makan anak bini ngan bangunkan martabat kaum kita dari menyemak maki hamun dia. Dah rezeki dia. Dia usaha. lantak pi dia la. Janji dia kaya, kita bole bangga

  32. Betul tu lopak… aku pun tak paham dengan objek yang membebel tu.. punya la berjela dia maki hamun, buat penat tangan taip je.. baik potong rumput kat blakang rumah.. tanam pokok cili ke.. cili mahal sekarang ni..

    Dia nak ke Paris pakai duit die ker, duit mak/pak mentua dier ke.. pi biaq la.. bukannya pi mintak duit hang pun… hang dok dengki atas bawah apesal?? Kereta aku pun mak mentua aku yang belikan, hang tak nak jeles jugak ker???

    Kalau hang dah terer sangat ambik gambo, bak mai hang punya port folio kitorang nak tengok… B.E.R.U.K macam hang ni la Melayu susah nak maju.. !!! Kalau hang dah benci sangat kat SN ni, tak yah la hang pegi dia punya website/blog/fotopages/photoskool ataupun apa apa yang berkaitan dengan dia.. tak la hang sakit hati, bongok!

  33. Kementerian anjurkan kenduri kawen?sadis sungguh cerita mereka nih.
    Pakai duit PTPTN boleh pegi France?aku nak mampos survive dok kat U ni takde beli ape² kecuali makanan ngan duet sewa umah die boleh nak pegi France ngan duet PTPTN?Kenape diorang tak cakap leh wat PTPTN nak beli umah aje?
    aku tak suke ngan diorang nih.Lantak mereka kerana kemungkinan kehidupan harian mereka adalah menyeranah kehidupan orang laen.Dan mereka adalah antara golongan yang tidak pernah bersyukur

  34. alahai! orang yang macam bagus sangat tu, benci benci, tapi still jugak bukak blog sn, still jugak ambik tau pasal sn. jeles cakap je lah. apa masalah dia? kalau benci, perlu ke kesah and spend time check out sn’s blog and his life? bodoh je.

  35. huiyooo..releks sume..releks..tenang..tarik nafas dalam-dalam..

    Nampaknye sn mendapat sokongan yg cukup padu daripada rakyat malaysia nih.. Apa-pun, marilah kita sama-sama belajar daripada kisah hidup sn yang sanggup dia kongsi dengan kita. Bukan senang tu.. Dan memang betullah nampaknya, daripada kisah hidup sn, bukan senang nak senang.. Bile la dapat jumpe tuan empunye badan yek

    Setuju dgn along johor:

    “Allah will always be there with those who are patient.” =)

  36. aduss..klaka giles mamat nih…meroyan agaknye..pedulik kan aje SN…anggaple ia sbg 1 cabaran utk awak lebih berjaya!!
    ok…may Allah bless u & k.intan & lil’ baby 😀

  37. isk. jahat mulut/busuk hati perut, limpa, jantung, hempedu, pankreas, usus besar, usus kecik, mempedal (ada ke?) tul la orang yg tulis tu..

    sure kes tak puas hati la tu…

  38. Hi SN…
    I really like your “Ada sesiapa tahu government ada offer tender untuk wedding photography?”

    Eventhough I wasn;t one of your client (tak mampu.. heheh) I think that you’re a greay photographer and like you once said JANGAN PEDULIK APA ORANG KATA!!

    The guy who wrote that membodohkan dirinyer sendiri…

    Inilah orang Melayu yang selalu dengki atas kejayaan melayu… Macam mana la Melayu nak maju!!!!!!

  39. ape la punya org bagi komen mcm ni. saya bukan x-client SN pun tapi saya hari2 jenguk FP (dulu) and blog SN. ape masalah dia ni?? pada pendapat saya la….dia bagi komen mcm ni sbb:

    1. dia jeles tahap cipan atas kejayaan you.
    2. dia pun photographer tapi tak sehebat you.
    3. dia ni tak de income sehebat you SN.
    4. i rasa business dia dah nak down kot…
    5. dia tak mampu nak pakai keta mcm you la i rasa
    6. ntah2…..dia jeles sbb you dpt kawin ngan dr. intan kot??

    dah la….abaikan je org yg mcm ni. patutnya dia jadikan you as dia punya mentor. belajar lagi mendalam selok belok how to be a good photographer or businessman. ni tak…..ngentam org je yang dia tau.

  40. abg SN,i think org tu pun one of ur die hard fan tu ..cos he still reads ur blog kan..malu2 hanjeng je dia tu nk ngaku peminat tp pd hakikatnya he admires u lots…huahuahua..
    org mcm tu only know how to talk bout advice to org camtu :cermin dlu diri tu b4 kutuk2 org..(pesanan penaja utk org yg tarak otak!)

    and last but not least, strong!!!

  41. Astaghfirullah!! Kenapa berfikiran negatif sangat? Hidup ini tidak lama, jangan bazirkan dengan usaha yang sia2.Bukankah lebih baik digandakan usaha untuk memajukan diri sendiri daripada mengutuk dan cuba menjatuhkan orang lain? Tenangkan fikiran, tenangkan hati dan perasaan, sayangi keluarga, Insya Allah, things will be better for you. Bussiness not good sekarang ya, sebab tulah asyik nak hentam orang je, as a form of escapism. Tak baik, jangan buat gitu. AND PLEASE LEAVE MY HUSBAND, DATO’ AHAMAD OUT OF YOUR DISGUSTING COMMENTS, UNLESS YOU HAVE THE FACTS TO BACK UP YOUR CLAIM. Please explain ‘ex dysfunctional’- what do you mean?
    Saya doakan semoga terbuka hati insan ini untuk melihat kepada kebaikan dan keindahan, sebelum terlambat. Hati yang kotor akan merebak menjadi barah yang akan merosakkan diri sendiri dan lebih dahsyat lagi, menjejaskan keluarga tersayang.
    To Saiful and Kak Long, be brave. Ini hanya dugaan.
    (Ikhlas dari ibu mertua Saiful di Bangkok)

  42. Well explained!

    Kalau my mother n father in-law subsidized me in getting what i have now, mesti dia akan kecik hati pasal i deny their contribution. But “Hasiah Kadir” (My mother in-law) indirectly explained the real fact.

    This is my blog, comment anything about me but pls don’t touch my family.

  43. kesian kat budak tu..doakan saja lah dia terbuka hati untuk kerja kuat dari sakit hati kepada kejayaan orang lain.
    kesian kat dia…SN ; anggaplah ini dugaan bila orang melayu islam hebat sikit dari bangsa lain…camnilah…rezeki tu semua milik dan kurniaan ALLAH. Dia yang maha mengetahui..kita kerja je lah seikhlas dan sehalal mungkin…

  44. hehehehe…salam GB..student ni..
    bese la tu, org bile tgh naik sume nak bg jatuh..asal buat ape je, ade je yg x kene..kalau boleh cara kita drive pun org nak komen..ems, takpe2 truskan usaha..perjalanan masih jauh..persetankan je org2 ni..fitrah manusia biasala..sejarah pun membuktikan macam tu..dah terjadi da pun kat org2 sebelum kite..ape2pun all the best in future.. ;D

  45. Dear Saiful,

    Very sad to note that such people exist in our community. Very narrow minded and only look at others’ faults instead of their goodness. Clearly a person that is sick in the heart. If not treated, it can only do more harm to him/herself, and he/she can never find peace.

    One of the best way to respond is to send good energy to this person and ask Allah to give Hidayah to him/her.

    Take this as either a test on your patience or a retribution from any past deed/s (none of us are perfect). Either way, just be patient and never forget to continuosly seek forgiveness from the One who creates us.

    Keep up with the good work.

  46. Bro Saiful,

    This guy must be one heckuva sour grape and I think being girlish (as he claimed most of your fans to be) is a whole lot better than being shallow (like he was)!

    And you don’t need to be impressed with his English, it’s nothing great to be able to write something colloquial. Kalau lenggok bahasa sopan macam AM Ubaidah S tu lain la, that one memang nice and truly reflects his intellect. 🙂

  47. laa ade jugak org komen camtu. ignore je le kan? langsung x terjejas. nmpk sgt org yg komen tu xtau fakta hehe. xpon org tu marah kt government or KJ tp x pasal2 nk kaitkan org lain. apa2 pon kk intan tetap comel n maintain vogue wpon sarat pegnant. 😀

  48. le.. claim kata kenal saiful and wife.. tp tempat keje Intan pon mamat ni tulis salah… maksudnye, takde la kenal mane sangat pon mamat nie dgn saiful & intan..

    biarjela saiful.. Berani kerana benar..jangan di layan ugutan2 begini.. cuma betul.. mmg sakit hati kalau mak ayah/mentua kita pon di heret sama dalam jeles yg tak sudah nie.. kesimpulannye, mmg mamat nie jeles tahap cipan dengan korang…

    take care.

  49. salam SN. akak mmg inspired dgn apa yg u lalui, semenjak di fp lagi…tapi ini pertama kali akak terasa nak comment sikit…akak ni sbnrnye tak reti nak mengutuk2 org tapi mcm ni lah…this person wants to be like u tapi mungkin tidak kesampaian, dia sendiri mungkin tak tau apa yang dia mahu dlm hidup dia…mungkin dia sendiri kurang ilmu atau setidak-tidaknya dia lupa untuk menghormati dirinye sendiri apatah lagi org lain…dari segi tulisannya, akak gambarkan dia seorang yg berakademik dan intelek…tapi kesian juga, dia mengkhianati dirinya sendiri (yg berpendidikan tinggi dan high profile mungkin..) dengan perkara negatif spt ini…as for u SN, akak tau u wont loose anythg and this person pun tak gain apa2 punnn… good luck and keep up the gd work!

  50. Saiful, you are on the right track, similar with Bill Gates. Look, who loves him ? Maybe his family, but his competitiors sume nak saman, nak jatuhkan dia. He is still there, just being no. 1. Stay doing what you are doing. The price of success is usually being lonely at the top. That’s not too bad, but the best part are the rest of the complainers selau sakit leher kena tengok u kat atas hehehe ….

  51. hello.
    haha so funny la that guy. mcm biasa, when ur climbing the success ladder, some ppl just want to pull you down. or some are just plain jealous

    im a new reader and i love your work! kalau berkesempatan, id love to join your workshops 😀 good luck in your career!

  52. Saiful…apa ni?? Kenapa org ni sakit hati sangat ni…
    i’m NOT saiful’s ex-clients… i’m NOT Saiful’s frens…. I have never met Saiful…. but i’m a fan of him becoz of his work.

    Truth is.. this person should grow up and stop giving lame critiques like this.

    Especially this “P/S: Get rid of the “Official Phographer for bla bla Sultan Brunei’s daughter footer la.” CS is not the ONLY photographer appointed by Istana Brunei during the royal wedding. Grow up la..macam budak2 put all this baseless salesman tactics. Truth is, better close down your company la.” I think he is a photographer yg dah nak lingkup..dah tak famous lagi and jealous sangat dgn pencapaian org lain.

    Dah lah Saiful… pedulikan nyamuk2 ni semua. Selagi ada org suka kerja u tu… dont care about other things. bukan nyamuk2 ni yg bagi income kat u. u work for it urself… and dont worry… u will always get our support.

  53. sabor je lah…mmg ramai org dengki dgn kejayaan org me, u adalah semangat dan contoh terbaik utk seorg manusia berusaha tanpa jemu…what the hell la si komentar itu!

  54. i like read ur blog.. i like ur philosophy.. i rasa u dah berjaya.. kerana ape? kerana jika ada ada org yang dengki n mengutuk.. itu dah dikira berjaya.. kerana org yang tidak berjaya.. siapa peduli? siapa nk dengki? tahniah.. ur silent fans..

  55. penyakit hasad dengki ni mmg sgt bahaya pd manusia..lebih bahaya dr penyakit2 berjangkit yg lain..sumting to share..
    tiap kali bila berlaku nye kejadian seperti ini pd saya..saya akan ingat pemimpin kte iaitu NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W..baginda adalah pemimpin umat..lagi byk cercaan & penghinaan yg baginda hadapi kn..sampai tgh solat pon de org baling najis..tiap kali fikir begitu,sy akan bandingkan dgn pe la sgt penghinaan yg sy hadapi..dgn akan abaikan je org2 yg de penyakit istimewa tu..tahniah SN kerana itu membuktikan anda seorang yg berjaya..kuatkan semangat & kentalkan jiwa ok..

    p/s: sentiase ingat ramai gler yg support u n sentiase doakan u..dan insyaAllah Allah x kan kabulkan org yg doa bnd yg buruk2 kecuali org tu wory..teruskan sifat mahmudah pada semua insan ok..

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