Travelog 2: Nanga Kesit Longhouse, Lubuk Antu Sarawak – by Saiful Nang

Travelog continued…

Lepas dah berlari2 turun ke sungai selepas nampak kelibat beberapa anak2 Iban ni mandi Sungai, then i hunted for this kind of pictures. I took more than 30 images and end-up showing here only 2-3 pictures. A few pictures I took from the low angle and with their wet body & shortpants, a lot of water spilled into my lens. luckily, i used the L series lenses by Canon. It’s weatherproof. Water spill wasn’t a problem there.

This photos I took on top of a dead tree trunk. They use this trunk as their diving board (Papan Anjal). The water is deep enuff for them (below 40kg ang below 150cm tall). But for most of us, it’s too shallow. Hence, I ended up with taking pictures only. Not to join them dive into the river,

Ahaa…forgot to tell you, over here you can enjoy a proper way to the “nature”. Unlike a few traditional one. Which require u to “Feed the Fishes” in the river. The toilet is well taken care.

This is the best part…food preparation. Our “Welcome Meal” has been prepared by the longhouse citizen by using their traditional method (knowing them, I bet this method isn’t a daily practice, i believe that they believe on the rice cooker hehehe). They wrapped the rice & chicken into a jungle leaves (i forgot to ask the specific name of the leaves).

This is the next step. They cooked the chicken and the rice in this bamboo. Zamrin told me it would take 8 hours to cook. Thanks god, Apai denied that and 1 hour later…..

We had our lunch already. Simple but for those hungry mammals, it was excellent already. That’s Sani in red, paling rakus in the picture, Zamrin, Putat and Andy (tak pandang orang dah, dia dah lapar sgt). This is what they called “Ayam Pansuh”. Few times I pronounced differently until somebody told me…the meaning is farrrrrrr different. I used to call it “Ayam Paloi”.

One of the Iban kids took a rest before continued to swim again. Here I’m impressed with those kids. They can swim like a fish. No wonder, a lot of athletes came from Sarawak. Then we moved to the longhouse. It was about 100 metres from the river and about 50 metres from our guesthouse. The guesthouse located in between river & the longhouse.

IN THE LONGHOUSE: 1 of the beautiful Ibanese girls. I tried to find 1 that’s more mature aka big enuff for some of us to bring home and show to their parents. However, we went there on Monday. Most of the big big girls stay in their school hostel (far from the longhouse) and some already off to work in Kuching and KL. They only come home during weekend. Kesian to those bujang2 yang ikut trip haritu, kempunan nak tengok anak dara iban.

Yang ada pun yang kecik2 ni lah. Well, that’s ok. For some of them they can start grooming them into someone that can fit the criteria hehehhe. This wasn’t an easy thing to photograph them like this. By nature, they are ENTREMELY CAMERA SHY. I know this through my experience shooting orang asli Mahmeri & Batik at Taman Negara Pahang about 2 years ago. As what I plan, i give them “Candies”. I bought it near Seri Aman. They become familiar and friendly. Now dah boleh main ambik2 gambar di rumah panjang. Tips: Lepas ambik gambar, tunjukkan kat deorang, baru dia happy sampai tergelak2 macam ni.

Gotcha! caught by my camera after he woke-up from his afternoon nap. He’s one of the old generation in Nanga Kesit.

Used to be a warrior at his young age. This is the typical Ibanese old generation. They have tattoo all over the body. The tattoo signify brave and high fighting spirit. Iban people are well known with their fighting spirit. 1 good example was Kanang anak Langkau. If u realise, a lot of them now work with Army.

The young generation they don’t really interested in tattooing their body as much as the old generation did. This is the typical view in the longhouse. During my stay in the longhouse, i only discovered 2 young couples in there. Surprisingly, the rest are working outside. Surprisingly, a lot of them from this longhouse turned to be great engineers, doctors, designers, architects, businessman and many more. The only time you can see them all is during “GAWAI”.

THE GUESTHOUSE: After that longhouse tour, we headed back to this guest house and now…Aki was preparing our dinner. Watch Aki cooked the dinner in Travelog 3. A special dinner in the middle of a jungle and it’s HALAL! Tunguuuu…….

(To be continued…again)

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17 Replies to “Travelog 2: Nanga Kesit Longhouse, Lubuk Antu Sarawak – by Saiful Nang”

  1. woww..cantik nye gbr2 kt sana..suka tgk gbr bdk2 tu mandi kt sungai ngn bdk2 pompuan yg malu2 kucing tu.hehe.SN, letak la byk lg gbr tau…suka tgk kehidupan diorg.berbeza ngn kita kt bdr ni.

  2. azzaharry, mmg nanti nak pegi lagik. Tapi nak carik Bidayuh & Kenyah
    Fiza, banyak2 tu kena simpan sikit lah. Nanti nak jual dah tak laku dah hehehe
    Siput, aku pun kejebur sekali lepas tu.

  3. bro SN,
    Selain gambor2 kau yang menerjah serebelum otak…aku memang suka baca blog dan writeup kau. Very inspiring!
    Dan aku harap kau teruskan sumbangan kepada masyarakat (e.g. photoschool dll). So far belum ada peluang shake-hand dengan kau lagi (looking forward for that).

    mulut orang tak boleh tutup…memang standard akan ada orang dengki bila kita berjaya. So kau teruskan effor kau jadik usahawan melayu yang berjaya.

  4. cun giler signboard toilet tuh hahah!!
    SN.. congrats la.. going to be a father.. Hope kak long selalu sihat, jaga makan etc..
    Sat gi CS dah ada pewarisnya nin.. he he he

  5. Your photographs are all so natural here.The angle of the pictures taken & the right moments makes it uniquely nice. Come to Brunei, SN & give us here open-cool discussion.

  6. hye again abg SN,all ur photos smart la!…bila nk g sabah lak? hikhikh..neway,c0ngrats to u and ur wife cos u both soon dh nk jd parents dah..=) macam azura kata: nant CS ada pewaris dah..ekkekeke..
    keep up the good work bro!

  7. haiii abg saiful,sy slalu gak tgk fotopages abg,leh kate tiap2 ari la.dh lame sy minat snap2 gmbr ni,tp dulu still study jd xde pluang tuk sume tu.skg ni dh dpt keje,n sy dh beli sati xpnh blaja dri sape2 pn,just tgk camne abg saiful snap gmbr n sy tiru la sket2 mane yg reti la.bile la ade pluang ek dpt jumpe ngan abg saiful..hope u can visit my poor bLog

  8. nn.. bukan ayam pansuh.. manok pansuh la.. ayam kt swak dipanggil manok..
    sn.. kak long ikut x dtg swak.. hr tu org pn ade g lubuk antu tp x de gamba pn.. bile tgk gamba sn org igt smula trip ke sana ngn kwn2.. ape2 pn mmg best la gamba2 sn.. chaiyyok sn..

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