Charity Photography Workshop

Alhamdulillah, a few weeks ago, we (CandidSyndrome team) went to Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin, Kajang for our annual photography workshop. RPWP is shelter for underprivileged kids (Asnaf). This time around, we managed to gather around 100 participants not only from RPWP but also from other places.

The workshop started around 10am (1 hour behind schedule) as the participants from Rumah Hope were unable to find their way to RPWP. It was a multiracial program, by the way. As the main trainer, I was happy that Canon agreed not only to participate but also to be our main sponsor. Canon sponsored 13 unit of cameras for our use during the workshop. Last year, with only 3 cameras which had to be shared among 40 people, the kids has very limited practice sessions. The rest just had to be contented with their PAPER CAMERA (it was not even a pin-hole camera but it was definitely a fun toy for them to play around with while waiting for their turn to use the camera). So, there were 13 cameras altogether + 5 cameras on loan by CS to the participants. There were 18 groups altogether with 5-6 pax per group.

We taught children with autisme, dyslexia, down syndrome as well as other normal kids in the “Asnaf” group. Below is a picture of them taken last year with the paper cameras. Thanks to Canon, this year they were able to play with the real camera.

Basically, we didn’t teach much on manual setting as most of them used the Canon P&S without manual setting. What we did was to focus on the framing, composition, color, lines and other elements in the art of seeing. My thanks go to Deejay Azrene, Radio 24 for highlighting this program through a live telephone interview that day.

It was fun, it was fantastic, the kids were happy and we are happy. We look forward to experiencing that kind of enjoyment again. 





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  1. Afiq, yg tu saya minta atas proposal charity. Tapi bukan SLR semua P&S shj. Boleh lah lagi pakai utk belajar basic composition.

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