Aimi & Luqman – PJ by SN

Thank Aimi & Luqman for being so “sukan” that day. I had so much fun shooting this event as they both just being natural. Just like themselves without the wedding outfit. Congratulations for both of them. Hope you enjoy the pictures so much. I’m still in the mid of finding my color, this is what I’ve got in the middle of the experiments. Some people may think that a photographs shouldn’t be edited. They mustn’t be a photographer from the film era. If they were photographers who did darkroom process for black and white and color pictures, they definitely know that what you shoot on the film will not turn-up to be prints if you don’t do all these “adjustment” process during the projection process at the enlarger. Same goes to digital photographers, they should or for me, they must touch their pictures (but not extremely…unless they are fine arts photogs) if they are a PHOTOGRAPHER 😉




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6 Replies to “Aimi & Luqman – PJ by SN”

  1. Sn tak pernah menghampakan. Saya pasan, kalau orang lain portfolio dia ambik yang terbaik dalam puluhan wedding yang diorang dah buat, tapi SN sangat unik pasal setiap wedding SN pilih gambar yang terbaik untuk masuk dalam blog. Tu yg dasyat tu. Berbaloi-baloi lah customer yang ambik SN ni kan?

  2. sejak sn tukar stail edit ni, dah bebudak ofis ni menggelupur garu tangan nak jadik macam sn pulak. Semalam satu lab kat sini buat contest siapa dapat edit sampai dapat macam editing sn dapat makan pree. Kecian, none of them get even closer. Ni tengok kecek kat boss konon-konon nak panggil sn bagi workshop. Sn ni phenomena betul

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