Barbara Prinz

It’s a shooting season now. I’ve to go through thousands of images every week and now, I feature some images I took this month and some of it I took last month. This time around, Barbara Prinz from Germany. I shoot for her personal portraiture in Penang. If I’m in Penang, I will take hundred of years to finally out of idea where to shoot. No wonder Penang has been gazetted as one of the world heritage .

For those who feel why my picture styles of editing is suddenly changed, don’t worry…as for now, I’m experimenting more and more editing technique until I really get my own signature. What you see now is just a progress of that experiments curve. Ok guys, enjoy the pictures!



Ok, another thing to announce, it’s confirmed that I’ll be flying up to Moscow straight away from New Delhi in the next coming April. I’ll be organizing FREE workshop for our fellow Malaysian in Moscow. Thanks to the sponsor for flying me there and bear all the cost of time, professional fees etc. For the students, expat from Malaysia staying in Moscow, it will be 7th April we can have a meet-up for a simple and short class (1 hour or two) in any part of Moscow (we’ll do it outdoor) and after that, we’re going to shoot around Moscow. Topics to be taught are…PORTRAIT & TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY!

See u there !


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8 Replies to “Barbara Prinz”

  1. best jadi orang yang berbakat macam SN ni kan. Sampai orang putih pun percaya. Agak-agak kalau SN bengang dengan orang Malaysia, lari pegi Europe pun boleh kaya raya macam Jimmy Choo.

  2. International photographer cik Saiful ni. Bangga betul ada orang Melayu macam awak ni. Kurang-kurang pun kalo orang kutuk Melayu loser, saya boleh bagi contoh nama-nama macam Syeikh Muszaphar, Syeikh Mukhtar dan Saiful Nang jugak. All the best SN

  3. alhamdulillah…………..
    emm i love that picture…..
    i didn’t expect you shoot at Penang….
    Seem like old town.
    i also attended your talk with alvin before…
    feel so great

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