Lynn & Faie – Puspanitapuri by SN

Heyyaaa….another time in Puspanitapuri. I thin, if you want to get married at Puspanitapuri, u can rest assure about it by hiring me hahaha. I think this is my 30th times shooting at this hall. It’s a HUGEEEEE ballroom which photography could be very tricky. Especially on the lighting aspect plus their RED carpet. As for photographers, red has never been their favourite colour. But, if you managed to get rid of it…the pictures will turn AWESOME. Else…it willbe much terrible. As for my works…you see it, you judge it.

Lynn (a lawyer) is now married to Faie (a pilot). I shoot their weddings from the akad nikah to the reception personally by my very own eyes, finger and heart 😉 Family? they are veryyyy happening. You can simply see the last picture. Mother of the bride is one of the most hypers ahhaha. Pantang nampak camera….”Saiful, ambil gambar auntie dgn jiran. Saiful…ambil gambar auntie dengan kawan, Saiful…ambil gambar auntie dengan posmen rumah auntie…”. but…it was fantastic!

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3 Replies to “Lynn & Faie – Puspanitapuri by SN”

  1. Dah lain sangat dah gambar awak skarang ni pol, bangga betul tengok dalam keadaan mengharungi onak duri dan cabaran dari orang-orang keparat, awak masih boleh cool lagi dan terus mengorak langkah. Set ni I sukeee sangat. Nampak natural sangat dengan stail editing baru kan? Memang mantopsss pol. Nanti datang Brunei kita buat barbeque lagi. Ajak Dr. Intan dengan Orked sama ya.

  2. Menyesal lah tak ambik SN masa I kahwin dulu. Tapi takpe lah, yang ada pun dah cantikk dah, cuma kalau dapat nak laggggiii cantik. Thanks SN & CS

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