Nana & Ali – Temerloh

Last few weeks, I went to Temerloh for a photoshooting. I can’t believe for another 1 time, I shoot at my home state. As the wedding happened in the year end, it was a wet one. I speed-up my car from KL to Temerloh and managed to arrive there in an hour time. So Dinie and I arrived early in order for me to get some roti canai near the bride’s house. I remembered the kedai. It used to be my arwah emak’s favourite shop and pretty much remember the road heading towards the bride’s house. That was the same road, for my late mom’s last trip….alive. Very nostalgic!

Most important in this entry is….pengantin in RED!. Well, red is the hardest colour to blend with others. But, that’s the challenge for me…not a reason for me to excuse. I love challenge. Some people said…“Malu lah nak ambil SN pasal my wedding kat kampung jer…”. Then, who said I can’t shoot kampung’s? Heheheh…I’ve proven I still can shoot kampung now. So for those who will be having your wedding in a kampung, do not hesitate to hire me and CandidSyndrome for your wedding day. It will be loadddsss of fun for sure!.

For Cikgu Nana & Ali…it was a great pleasure working with u guys 😀


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9 Replies to “Nana & Ali – Temerloh”

  1. yeay, gambar cantik dah keluar!

    masa u pergi sana i tak tau pun u pergi temerloh. ingatkan g kuantan. masa tu teringin nak makan ikan patin yg dari sungai yg fresh yg masak goreng sambal macam mama buat. tapi hari ni dah tak nak dah…. hehhehe…

  2. selama sy follow blog SN.. sy selalu dihidangkan dgn gambar2 suasana di dewan atau hotel.. dah lama saya teringin nak tengok gambar yg SN shot kat kampung.. bila saya tengok.. gambar SN memang best..

  3. sometime i dream wana be like a saiful nang.cuz i think te picture that sn shoot very2 marvelous n interesting.ader makna2 yg tersendiri disebalik gmbr2 yg di tangkap.cuma sya x berkesampian ke arah sya akan berusaha sebaik mungkin tuk menggapai impian sya….tq sn..u r my inspiration….

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