My idols

For so many years, people asked me for so many times about my idols in my career development. For so many times, I can’t really explained why in the first place, I put all of them as my idols. Let me put some thought here as I’m officially 31 year old today, I think I should share who are really inspired me to be here and stay here with all ups and downs.

Here we are…

  1. My parents
  2. Datuk Prof. Dr. Ghauth Jasmon, Ex-President MMU (Now Vice Chancellor, UM)
  3. Datuk Sean Ahmad, Managing Director Lensa Film Sdn Bhd (Ex-Boss)
  4. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Kok Wing, Founder Limkokwing University (Ex-boss)

My idols are all the people I know really well. I practically know their move and how smart they are in the real life without any third party information telling me that they are good. It’s a bit funny right? Mostly are my ex-bosses in the idols list. I believe, to be a good boss, one should be a good workers attitude. I can just tell people my idols is Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and many more. But I didn’t know them in personal basis. Just through reading but never have the experience sitting under their governance.

My parents are the first one. Grew up through all ups and downs together with them taught me so much about perseverance & survival in life. Nothing better than my number 1 idols. Growing up with them and seeing their sacrifices every now and then is enough to make them my number 1 idols. Pushing myself out from the poverty in life and fight so my parents can get a little good life before they die is the priority.

Dr. Ghauth Jasmon, well….looking at his name, a Javanese like me can already detected we are from the same “ship”. For some people may think he’s a mat saleh. He was the one who changed the ITTM (Institut Telekomunikasi & Teknologi Maklumat) became UNITEL then UNITELE, UMMT and finally MMU (Multimedia University). I was there in ITTM after my SPM and underwent an engineering program preparation for UK universities under Telekom Malaysia sponsorship. Dr. Ghauth was the president that replied all emails I sent personally and not going through PA or other 3rd party people. Eventually, after 10 years away from MMU, we meet each other again in University Malaya 50th Anniversary of Library. I was there under the capacity as the judge for their 50th anniversary photography contest. We managed to have a simple talk and he congratulated me for my achievment. I was shocked how the UM Vice-Chancellor could know about it (I stared Dr. Edzan…dalam hati, Ini mesti Dr. Edzan punya kerja). I was so proud when he asked my card, InsyaAllah he wanted to meet me in this few days. I will come and see him in 2010.

It’s funny for most of the people putting their ex-bosses as their idols. But not for me. I would say 80% of the lecturers in Limkokwing during my time there doesnt like Tan Sri Lim. But for me, I’m very positive about what Tan Sri is doing as he is the one who did really worked his ass out to form that University. I believe, he know his organisation more than others. Frequently people said, TAN SRI KEDEKUT!! UNTUNG JUTA-JUTA…GAJI TAK NAIK-NAIK” and many other things like that. Being positive, I put in my heart, Tan Sri deserved to get that as he’s the one who did really worked his ass out for growing-up the University. He deserved to get all the big profits. While other people blame him, I kept in my heart that he’s a good boss. He’s visionaries. The time he got involved so much with Tun Mahathir, people called him “Kaki ampu” but Mahathir wasn’t stupid. He got all the reason why he supported Tan Sri. Good deeds that Tan Sri did has been interpreted badly by the 80% of people, and I was 1 of those in 20% group. Fully supported him for whatever he did eventhough people already told me “kaki kipas”. I just worked whatever he instructed me to do (but I wasn’t a skillfull person that day).

Before I worked with Tan Sri Limkokwing, I worked with Datuk Sean Ahmad, Lensa Film Sdn Bhd. I did my practical there. Nothing much of experience in 3 months practical time. He’s one of my idols in entrepreneurship. He started his business in 1978 without any financial assistance. Totally by passion then moved into one of reputable production house producing million dollars of revenue every year. Again, for some people they doesn’t like him. For some common reason…”KEDEKUT”.

As a boss now, I pretty sure, my staff pretty much talking about all those negative things about me. As an owner of the company, I expect nobody can understand my move. For most of the time, I keep what I plan to do within myself. I did listen to my staff suggestion and proposal. I admit, I decline most of the suggestion based on so many things I can’t explain to them. Not because their suggestion is not good, but under my own judgement, some of it are not suitable to be implemented yet, some are not practical, some doesn’t bring any momentum to the company, some I keep for the future implementation and only some I take for the immediate implementation.

There are words saying “Boss is Always Right” is actually make sense. But boss is NOT always right. Boss is just like others. Boss is the one with the most mistakes in hand. Seriously, in business, nothing come exactly like what has been written in the book. It’s totally a common sense. And the best common sense to be followed is the boss common sense especially if your boss is the founder of your company. Nobody know their baby better than their own mother. That’s why…a founder will be the founder forever. As a staff, I did really positive with all action and policies made by my ex-bosses.

They are my idols. Again, when I was in Limkokwing University as a lecturer, more than 80% of staff doesn’t like Tan Sri, and because of that, I always think, I can never get even 50% of my staff being positive. If they have other choices better, they’ll go. That happened to most of staffs. If you read this and you are a staff, always think like an owner of the company and you’ll be a great staff. be positive to your boss.

I don’t mind if people want to say I’m kipasing my ex-bosses. As for me, I don’t have any interest to kipas them.

A good leader came from a good follower. You will not know the right or wrong of this statement….until you become a boss.


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  1. actually kan, i agree with u on uncle lim. most of my colleagues pon tak suke die complain cakap takde increment/bonus/gile etc. but to have talked to him personally time tunggu visitor and kene halau sebab seluar koyak really made realize die betul2 care about his company. and we all are replaceable.

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