Afardi & Natalia – Pre-wedding

Ok, as promised…Afardi & Natalia’s prewedding portrait. If you’re Malay, it never been so much emphasize on pre-wedding until 3 years ago after we shoot out own casual portrait of pre-weddings. I did prove to the market that casual pre-wedding is suitable for Malay as well due to many restriction in custom….as you can see a lot of Chinese pre-wedding must normally show those intimate pictures, kissing and much more. It’s not necessary to have kissing images in pre-wedding. We tend to do it casually.

Yes, after we did Gina’s portrait about 3 years ago, and about 5 years ago in Bali we did shoot for casual portrait for Azlan Awadz and later followed by Mad & Dilla, now pre-wedding does look so interesting for the couple to try it. The pictures shown above is my work of arts that can be hired for RM4,600 (original price at RM7400). However, couple can still enjoy this kind of photography with all other photographers in our line-up for as low as RM1117 (only for this month and limited to the first 10). Originally it priced at RM2055.

What does pre-wedding so special? Imagine these images will be printed on your thank you card? your merchandize? your wedding poster? invitation cards? wedding panel display outside of your wedding ballroom? played in the wedding slideshow and much more. So, why should you think you can’t kiss your partner….you can’t have pre-wedding pictures?? Further, pre-wedding is the only time you can have 100% control of what kind of pictures, emotions, composition, color, backgrounds, and much more. While in the wedding, you have to please whatever happen in there. Photographer got no control except follow the flow.

Now you can. It doesnt have to go so far to get these kind of pictures. What you need is ONLY creative photographer that always shoot with PASSION. They’ll do wonder. What you have to do is just….sit back and relax. Enjoy the shooting…seriously, it’s fun.

Let’s shoot your prewedding now!


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5 Replies to “Afardi & Natalia – Pre-wedding”

  1. thnakkss azura & pawwah.
    Azura…u bukan bride weekend ni ke? Kalau iye nanti ajak husband2b tu shooting macam ni jugak nak? Pawwah…thanks sgt2 hehehe…baru dapat explore2 cara2 editing yg baru hehehe.

  2. Salam SN.. Anda telah membuktikan melayu itu hebat di mata dunia. Jaga jati diri , ramai yang bongkak dan sombong di luar sana , tapi anda tidak.. Saya kagum dengan anda…. Saya masih baru dalam dunia seni ini.. Harap dapat tunjuk ajar ..

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