Hire the only team of photographer in Malaysia who trained their photographers in-house for the minimum period of 2 years before they can be called “Our Professional”. Hire the only team of photographers in Malaysia which the photographers must be recognized internationally through reputable international professional membership through WPPI (USA), MPA (UK), ISP, WPJA, AGWPJA and winning numerous awards locally and internationally with track record ranges from a small wedding to the Royal Wedding with hundred thousand of guest.

Throughout 6 years experience shooting ONLY weddings & portrait around the globe, you can rest assure your wedding photograph will turn to be fantastic.

View each and everyone of them in their individual portfolios here;

Choose which one you like and send us message through email and furnish us with these information (MUST HAVE INFOS)

  1. Date of events (no open booking is accepted)
  2. Venue & Location
  3. Phone number (HP)

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours / latest in the next business day if you inquire in the weekend. Since everytime we do SALES & PROMOTION, we will received hundreds of inquiries, we do hope you can furnish us with a complete info as above so we can assist you much better.

Please tell your friends this amazing offer.


CEO / Principal Photographer
Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
CandidSyndrome International
+60380766878 (HQ)
+6738880639 (Brunei)
+6013 3977715 (Mobile)


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  1. sepolll…aku lah stalker yang paling stalker. Gila best promosi ni. Dah ku khabarkan kepada semua seantero Malaya tentang promosi ini. Promosi wajib tangkap punya. Beshhhh lah CS

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