13 Replies to “Apprentice for CS is now OPEN!”

  1. salam SN..im realy excited for this offer..since a thousand year i dream to waiting work with u..but still have another 2 semester to finish it..no more can i tell just HOPE one day faster..aminn..go saiful nang..terus maju dan maju aminnn…

  2. When can applicant expect the reply from Candid Syndrome on the apprenticeship? Or when can we know whether the selection for the interview is already completed and done for the year 2010?

  3. First of all, I love your work..sangat unik dan sangat berlainan from other photographer..proud to have a malay humble guy among the malaysian..
    tapi satu teguran ikhlas dari saya, statement dlm iklan tu, “Even if you don’t have degree, please convince us you can do work well and professionally” ~ You seperti menganggap those without degree selalunya tidak boleh bekerja secara professional. Saya rasa statement tu seperti bias sedikitkan. I baru baca u cerita pasal Datuk Shariff. Well u sendiri mengagumi beliau kan? DAn ibu bapa kita yg tidak ke university pun berjaya, mencari nafkah untuk anak2, committed terhadap setiap yg dilakukan..dan bukan semua yg ada DEGREE itu baik dari yang lain..salam.

  4. Atiqah, I really mean it. I tak cakap takde degree tak boleh buat kerja bagus. Yet…I still give option with some good portfolio. Please don’t argue this one as I gave so much opportunities to those without paper before this. So, this is the time I have ALL THE REASONS utk dapatkan those who got degree in my line-up. Yes I’m bias but I have the rational behind my company current practice…which is….a long story to tell u 😉 btw…thanks a lot for that.

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