A little gift to a little Princess…Get well soon Ayumi

My tears dropped when the mother (Fara) told us that Ayumi is going to face a hard time fighting her illness. Once she said the chances is only 20%, my crews and I can only pray to call the miracle to take place. Fara is one of our fans. As much as people appreciate us, we should appreciate them even more. Nothing much we can do except begging all the readers to raise your hand and pray for Adik Ayumi and all the children in this world to get their healthy life and growing like any others.

This is….priceless!


5 Replies to “A little gift to a little Princess…Get well soon Ayumi”

  1. Salam..
    sayu hati tgk vclip nih..
    berat mata memandang.. berat lagi bahu memikul..

    congrats to CS Team..
    keikhlasan n keperihatinan kalian amat dihargai..

    to Kak Fara and family..
    moga tabah menghadapi ujian Ilahi..

    and to luvly adik Ayumi yg sgt comel.. moga cepat sembuh and sehat hendak nya..InsyaALLAH..
    i’ll pray for u baby..!!!

  2. sebelum ada anak, kita tak dapat memahami perasaan seorang ibu/bapa bila anaknya sakit. tapi bila dah ada anak sendiri, dia demam sikit pun kita dah rasa kesian sangat. apatah lagi kalau sakit yg berpanjangan. sayu je….

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