Rags to Riches 6 – My first SALE

When I was still in the estate life. Everything was wonderful. Siva, Sara (Saravannan), Murthi and our new members in the syndicate…Liteng. We never care about races, eventhough I frequently use this words “Woiii Keling…” to Siva, Sara and Murthi. There were a lot of interesting topic to talk to. Among all that most interesting topics was Siva’s favorite topic…

Siva : Ehh..kenapa orang melayu kena potong?

SN : Ntah…taktau, tapi ayah saya cakap, kalau tak potong tak boleh kahwin

Sara : Tapi bapak saya tak potong pun boleh kahwin tau

SN : (cricket sound…)

Siva : Sakit tak??

Liteng : Sakittt lahhhh weiiii…kena potong organ badan.

SN : Engkau dah potong ke Liteng?

Liteng : AKu taknakkkkk….baru tersepit zip pun dah nangis.

yada yada yada bla bla bla

So…that was the life for so many years until I was 6th. Among the best activities we normally ventured together was…MENGGAGAU (catching fish by using hand). We started to get fun at a lot of canal. That’s where we can get a lot of haruan (snakehead fish). We started very amateur. Came home with only a few sepat fishes in hand. In the real fact, we’ve been scolded with our parents more than the praise of bringing home the fishes.

A year after, we eventually turned professional (heheheh). We started to use mosquito net to catch big fishes. That was the time we only want haruan, keli and limbat. Below 100g fishes will be released to the river. I still remember, 1 fine day, we catch a lot of fishes. Mostly are haruan.

On the way to go home, I must go through Cik Yahya’s house. He just got a baby during that time. Her wife just gave birth to a cute baby. 1 afternoon, we went home together with the fishes. When I arrived at Pakcik Yahaya’s house, then he asked me;

PY : Besar ikan?

SN : Boleh lah sikit-sikit jer haruan

PY : Makan ke kat rumah tu?

SN : Makan jugak, tapi stok minggu lepas pun banyak yang mak tak masak lagi.

PY : Ooooo….(fikir)….jual kat Pakcik Yahaya lah.

SN : Jual?? apa tu?

PY : Jual tu…awak bagi ikan tu, nanti PY bagi duit macam ni (sambil tunjukkan duit).

SN : Duit tu boleh buat apa PY?

PY : Macam-macam, boleh pergi kedai dan makan apa-apa sahaja yang nak.

SN : Boleh jugak…

(DEAL …!!)

That was my first sale. Pakcik Yahaya paid me with RM1 for 3 fishes.  Once i arrived home, my mom started to interrogate me. She worried if i got the money from some dirty ways. Thank god, my mom was very understanding. That was my first sale (by accident). And at the same time, that’s the time for me to have my first tabung.

Kata orang-orang tua, perjalanan beribu batu bermula dengan langkah yang pertama

** Spelling semua belum check lagik


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