KOSMO! – CandidSyndrome ke Australia.

KUALA LUMPUR – Colours of Asia Sdn. Bhd., syarikat yang menguruskan khidmat fotografi potret dan perkahwinan tempatan jenama Candid Syndrome, merancang meluaskan sayap ke Australia bermula tahun 2010.

Menurut Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif dan Jurufoto Utama Colours of Asia, Saiful Nang, sebanyak lima buah studio fotografi dijangka dibuka di negara tersebut iaitu di Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney dan Brisbane dengan kos perniagaan yang melibatkan pelaburan AUD$300,000 (RM945,207) setiap satu studio.

“Berkonsepkan fotografi studio dan bukannya fotografi perkahwinan seperti yang diamalkan di Malaysia, perniagaan di Australia akan bermula di Perth pada bulan Jun 2010.

“Kami menyasarkan menjelang tahun 2013, kelima-lima studio ini akan dibuka dan memulakan perkhidmatan,” kata Saiful ketika ditemui Kosmo! di pejabatnya yang terletak di Puchong baru-baru ini.

Setelah bertapak kukuh di kelima-lima cawangan itu, tambah Saiful, beliau akan menawarkan program francais bagi memperluaskan lagi perniagaan di negara terbabit.

(Selebihnya kena beli naskah Kosmo hari ini)

More than the news in business section today, I’m glad that my idea to expand has attracted the business community to put it on the media. Thank Johanna for the write-up. I owe u big time. Alhamdulillah, this morning alone, I received 2 calls from 2 interested investors (Both are Chinese) who wish to take part in this project. When I asked what make you dare to invest on my idea? They said…because the business model is good and your track record is great!

As a person that never care about race, I told them…I’m glad to consider, however…I have to say sorry as for the time being, let me do the ground work on my own blood, sweat and tears first.  THen they’ll come in the expansion stage.

I remembered those day when I was about to start photography. I only have RM90 left in my pocket. That’s the whole money I have with more than RM30k debts with the old business that didn’t work well. Then I started to grow little by little until I gain what i have now. Only then, I know the value of every single cent. This is really sweet. How I wish my late mother is still here now, looking at me…looking at what I’m doing. Thanks Emak!




Last week we traveled to the north and we explored the route and some unusual places for us to create unique pictures for our challenging clients. Attended by 5 participants other than 10 crews of CandidSyndrome, it was a fantastic but tiring trip. Looking at these images, I think I’m not tired anymore.

One of our spot in an unusual place for a pre-wedding pictures. Dealing with machine, tricky lightings, white dresses on oily surfaces but this is one of my favorite from the first day.


This is for me a normal pre-wedding pictures. I just put it here as I want to tell people that I also can shoot any conventional way of Chinese Pre-wedding portrait. I’m welcoming Chinese fans to hire us for your pre-wedding. We can sit down and discuss more about the idea. Because in CS, I love to explore more and more new ideas


Dancing – This involve a little choreo, Intan and I attended salsa and Caca dance classes in our Star Cruise Holiday last year. Sheryl looked good in that dress. Thanks a lot to Putra (Cosry) for that wonderful dress. That is the same dress used by Bunga Citra Lestari in her wedding.


And finally, here are my very able team members. From left SALHA, my all rounder manager / PR & PA (sometimes), AZIZI LEE,  my recently promoted photographer for CandidSyndrome. 2 years in CS already, KHAIRUL HAZWAN, one of my best photographers, HAFIZ ATAN, my newly promoted photographer with a huge talent in arts (including menyanyi….err…stop it) and MASH, Senior Photographer cum CS chief studio.

Not in the pictures, FAIZAL RAHIM, he was holding the light stand this time. He’s my talented photographer and editor in CS. TARM, our system developer, AZRENE the producer and WEIMING, the editor and last but not least…the photographer…hmmm…ME!

CandidSyndrome happened because they are happening!


SAIFUL NANG – MPA (UK), WPPI (L.A USA), B.SC (Hons)(Media) Film (MMU)
CEO / Principal Photographer
Colours of Asia Sdn Bhd
CandidSyndrome International
+60380766878 (HQ)
+6738880639 (Brunei)
+6013 3977715 (Mobile)


9 Replies to “KOSMO! – CandidSyndrome ke Australia.”

  1. CS dah melangkah ke Australia…saya rasa bangga bila tengok orang Malaysia hebat seperti ini. Sejak saya mula kagum ngan kreativiti SN di fotopages lagi..SN tak pernah berhenti dari bekerja keras..Thanks atas tips2 berguna yang sentiasa dicurahkan..

  2. Tahniah SN. Memang membanggakan keseluruhan anak Malaysia. If you need anything down here, auntie and uncle can help you to sort things out. Especially if you need guidance in applying visas here.

  3. Salam SN, bila baca akhbar aritu tiba2 rasa bangga dengan pencapaian SN skrg. First picture was superb. Kang, anek siji meneng photographer seng orak di sebut nang dowor kie..batirku fuad topa,cilik hati ne mengko,hehe..

    Arwah embahku ngomong biek “Angger gawe opo2, gawe sungguh2. Nek orak iso capai seng dihajati, kito wes entok pengalaman ne..” jadi good luck SN at Ausie!!

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