Buah tangan dari utara

Thank God, finally the 3 hectic and extreme experience in shooting with CandidSyndrome is over. It was a real hectic program with loaded of experience to bring home by all the participants. Thank Agah Permadi for the machine called “Alat Semprot” so I can get the above picture naturally.

For those who may ask how to photoshop the picture above, my answer is…this is not photoshop. You want to get fog you have to get the place where the fog is available. Normally in the early morning. If not, we still can do it just like any other movie effect. We went for the Real-X program with 10 crews from CS, 5 participants (2 Singapore, 1 Germany, 2 Malaysian) and 1 make-up artist. In the end of the program, we didn’t home with the same number as 1 participant from Singapore left the program due to the inability to adapt with the extreme hectic and discipline of works. However, another participant from Singapore remains in the program till the end.

Mashelmy, Faizal Rahim and Tarm alternately our van drivers. We rented 2 Pregio vans that can load 16 people inside it with a tone of lighting equiments, lenses, cameras, tripods, lighting stands, workstations, ration, personal luggage and many more. There are a lotttt more story to tell about this. Wait for the full video of this program to be uploaded later.

As for now, enjoy this picture.


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