Teachable idiots will become genius

It’s very easy to get an idiot to listen instead of getting a genius to do the same. For the past 5 years, training a photographer and groom them to be a shining star has never been easy. Even until today, that particular job is the hardest thing to do. Development of a photographer doesn’t only involve their skills, but more than that, their attitude, passion, professional ethics, discipline, loyalty must be put into the syllabus.

Well, there are a lot of things happened in my case. People come and people go. People come zero, people go hero. As long as I’m still here, nothing much for people to worry. I like people who want to listen and learn. But normally, all of them came for that reason. They are teachable because some of them (or most of them I would say) doesn’t really have the basic about photography and not even see the way how to grow as a legend. Because of that, they are all willing to listen or may even been scolded for that reason. As long as they can learn.

After sometimes, some failed and go, some managed to pass through the challenge and progressing to be a hero. What I did, I will highlight them to the public and let the public know about them. A few months after that, they have  a lot of subsidized followers  due to the endorsement by CandidSyndrome. Peole have the trust in them but learning process never stop. Even for myself and other great photographers.

For most cases happened, once they feel like they have followers that always worship them, they started to forgot their root. At this point of time, normally the hardly listen to you anymore. I have to tell you, this is very common. Because they stop listening and believing…the education is practically stopped. They became stagnant. At this point of time, normally they will feel like they have everything. They started to lost respect to the principal who helped them up. And even worse…most of them started to lose their discipline. If this happened, I will normally revised their contract and if there are still no changes…then…they’ll be removed.

Because for us, they are not a good photographer anymore for us and for our customers.

To be frank, being a legendary photographers doesn’t take your hands-on skills handling a camera and taking nice pictures so much. But…the Attitude! Right attitude can bring them into the highest level a human can be. It have been 5 years since Saiful Nang and CandidSyndrome established. I have gone through the real pain in developing it. I pay it with my blood, sweat and tears. That’s why, it’s not any Tom Dick and harry can join this team. Because they are the one who will be representing CandidSyndrome to the people. I don’t mind losing a genius that I’ve trained instead of losing the goodwill (CandidSyndrome) that we have developed over time.

With the right attitude, you can rest assure your pictures will be really great!

People come and people go, but as long as I’m still here. I can always give a very good touch to convert an idiots (who feel they are zero) to a legendary hero in photography. Just like what I always do. This is just like a story of 1 empty jar and 1 full jar. If I want to give water, I will choose the empty jar because they are zero (empty or make themselves empty). I will give water to the jar with full of water.

The reason why I wrote this article is…because I’m going to announce another 3 Junior photographers in CandidSyndrome (with more than 3 years experience) that will be promoted into Senior level. Which they have proven themselves as an international recognized photographers through assignments and awards as well as more than a thousand wedding hour experience in CandidSyndrome. They NEVER FAILED to obey all our professional ethics and much more. They are those idiots who wanted to listen and now they are…



6 Replies to “Teachable idiots will become genius”

  1. semoga CS terus maju… I love all ur works SN…. Betul, bila someone dah maju, dah ade pengikut, mereka lupa asal usul.. Lepas tu, customer pun buat tak layan saje. Dissapointed…

  2. tahniah kepada yg nak naik pangkat tu…. siapa ye SN?

    bila dah jadi genius, jangan lupakan cikgu yg menjadikan anda genius tu. sentiasalah rendah diri, mengenang jasa dan terus belajar, supaya nanti jadi super genius pulak.

  3. Saya syor kan kepada customer-customer yang kalau SN nasihatkan untuk bertukar photographer dari yang anda telah tempah, ikut lah nasihat beliau. Kerana beliau lebih tahu tentang photographer beliau. Cerita jadi pada saya dulu, degil sangat dengan nasihat untuk tukar photographer atas nasihat peribadi SN, hasilnya saya dapat gambar yang teruk sangat dari photographer CS yang dah nak habis contract yang hatinya dah separuh-separuh. Tapi jangan lah takut pasl SN always there untuk bagi nasihat yang terbaik untuk kita. My friend yang kahwin a week after me ikut nasihat SN, gambar dia best sangat. Pasal memang ada beza banyak orang ambik gambar halfhearted dengan yang fullhearted. Lepas tu saya tengok yang keluar dari CS tu langsung jadi tak bagus pasal tak ada boss yang strict macam SN kot hihihi. Last-last jadi photographer syiok sendiri jer derang yang keluar dari CS tu.

  4. Jid, terima kasih banyak2. Memang tu lah. Saya cakap “Come zero, go hero” tapi tanpa sistem pengurusan yang mantap, hebat manapun kantoi jugak. Kita doakan mereka berjaya.
    Nor, yes…mereka wajar ucapan tahniah tu kerana nak jadi senior photographer kat CS ni macam masuk universiti ambik Master.

    queen, saya minta maaf atas masalah tu. Betul kata Jid, saya kalau hilang yakin saya biasa akan menasihati clients untuk sesuatu yang lebih baik tanpa tambahan kos sebagai alternatif

  5. Remember, there is always two sides of a coin. The failure in human understanding is that we always see the error in others but fail to see our own. But it requires an open mind, an open heart, the will to listen, to understand and most importantly learn to apologize, even though we feel that it is not ourselves at fault. We all have egos, at least one has to let go, and the others will follow. I wish you all the best SN.

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