Rags to Riches 2

When I was 7th, my parents didn’t have money to buy toys. As a normal kid, I was just like any others. I love toys and I love to play. I have only 20 cents per day for my school and that never been used. Instead, the money was always ended to be in my coin container.

I had a neighbour named Fuad. He was 7th too. We both had problem for not being able to play with toys made by factories. Due to the limited resources to get those toys, Fuad and I planned to create our amusement park. Inspired by the Adventure of Tom Sawyer aired on TV during that time, I decided to be more challenging boy from a poor family. Then, I drafted a plan for an amusement park.

First phase of the amusement park was an underground “secret” tunnel with a secret chamber. The 2nd phase will be a mini zoo. At the first place, I planned to go with the plan so I can charge whoever my friend who wanted to go into the tunnel a nominal fees. With that money, Fuad and I can buy a toy that we like. It was a “Truck” that cost me RM5 in the night market.

Then, I went to Fuad’s house next to my house. I told him about my plan. Then he agreed to be my partner. Then we started the first phase by digging 3 meters deep shaft. The shaft took us a week work without our parents knew about it. The 2nd week, we started to dig the tunnel horizontally for another 3 meters before we can dig a chamber that can fit 5 people with a table for us to play Saidina (Monopoly game…but, self made). The 3 meters horizontal tunnel and 3 meters deep vertical shaft was completed in the 2nd week. We were only 7th.

Everyday by 8pm, we have no other choices on TV as we only received TV1 and TV2 channel during that time. TV3 was very new until we didn’t even receive the signal. I happened to watch Tun Dr. Mahathir were cutting the ribbon to officiate something and did the ground breaking ceremony. It came into my idea on how if I invited a VVIP to officiate my amusement park.

The next day, I meet Fuad at the site. It’s just about 100 meters away from my house. I told him, I want a VVIP to officiate the project. Fuad didn’t agree as that will make our parents know about that secret chamber project. But, I have different calculation on that and finally Fuad agreed for that plan. So that day, we did some preparation on how to make the ceremony a success. I had prepared the ribbon, scissor and a hoe for the ground breaking ceremony. Fuad and I were all ready for the ceremony to happen.

At the very night…my dad was watching news. As usual, Tun Mahathir was so busy officiating so many project especially during industrial revolution at 80s. I asked my father…

Me : Ayah…

Dad : Kenapa?

Me : Ayah kenal Datuk Mahathir?

Dad : Kenal lah, siapa tak kenal? dia kan perdana menteri Malaysia

Me : Kalau ayah kenal dia, boleh tak ayah jemput dia datang sini?

Dad : Hmmm…..Ayah kenal lah Dato’ Mahathir, tapi Dato’ Mahathir tak kenal ayah…tu yang susah tu. Kenapa nak suruh Dato’ Mahathir datang?

Me : Sebenarnya ayah…Angah ada projek besaaarrr! Angah nak buat bandar bawah tanah yang kanak-kanak boleh masuk dan main sama-sama. Boleh main masak-masak, main chess, main dam aji pun boleh yah.

Dad : (blank)….kat mana? tak tahu pun?

Me : Ada belakang rumah ni, angah buat dengan Fuad. Kalau Dato’ Mahathir boleh rasmikan, boleh promosikan sekali tempat tu sebagai tarikan pelancongan. Nanti banyak sikit boleh kutip duit tiket.

The next day, my late mother, my father and Fuad’s parents were visited that place instead of Tun Mahathir. They were there not to officiate it, but…to inspect the security features on that project. Fuad was right…we both can’t continue the project. Both parents instructed us to stop the project immediately. It was 2 weeks work! I can’t surrender it just like that.

After some discussion with Fuad, we decided to go for the plan B….we still want to buy the toys that we want.

(To be continued…)


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  1. Saiful saiful…i’m older than you sepatutnya saya rasa apa yang awak rasa. Mungkin saya anak perempuan dan parents saya pun kerja cikgu. Nak mewah memang tak dapat, tapi kalau setakat nak belajar, nak makan semua boleh dapat. Teruskan Saiful…i truly enjoyed reading your blog. Very inspirational. Right…you kena jumpa Tun Mahathir atau sesiapa boleh jumpakan SN dengan Tun Mahathir. Tun mesti bangga jumpa seorang Supermalaysian macam awak.

  2. SN, this is truly inspiring story. Childhood story aka your history really portrayed the perseverance in you to fight whatever obstacles in front of you. Sebenarnya untung jadi anak orang miskin kerana kita belajar survivaliti dan untung jadi anak orang kaya, kita belajar businesss from the right mentor without hassle. Keep it up bro!

  3. EesEM, tu cerita betul. Fuad sekarang tak tahu apa dia buat. Childhood friend doesnt always last forever. I moved-out and he moved-out

  4. Azidah, thanks a lot. Memang tak sama lah anak-anak cikgu masa saya pun agak kecukupan jugak lah. Cuma tak lah mewah. Alamak…dgn Tun Mahathir? hehehe…berbesar hati kalau boleh jumpa tapi siapa lah saya kan.

    Mindcrawler, thanks for reading. You are right. I earn a lot of survivable skills when i was a kid.

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