Rags to Riches Series – 1

Well, so many things happened before someone can be called a successful man. It doesn’t come in a second, not in a day and not even in a year. History of life for most of the times are the main reason why the perseverance comes up very strong in the heart of any successful people. I’m not a successful man to tell that, just a little experience and a big willingness to share that what made me write this. Periodically, I will update the series of some of my life histories that brought me into this level now. Just like Robert Kiosaki did. He’s not in the position to tell his story as compared to Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Richard Branson. But, he’s willing to tell his pathway to obtain his success stories.

Rugs to Rich will be a series that I’m going to tell the readers about my life journey. It’s not a biography (as I’m not somebody significant to write as I haven’t got my own private jet or even my first billion).

What will be portrayed in this series would be some stories from my past. How I survived my life due to the poverty. Sense of survival has been crafted in my heart from my childhood time. Maybe some of you has read my story how I strive very hard just to represent my school in Storytelling Competition just to create a chance for me to feel the comfort of a car seat (my teacher’s Proton Saga). Partially has already read about how I went to catch fishes and sold it to the wet market in my place. There will be much more to be shared in this series.

This is not something for me to show-off but it’s something that could probably be a lesson to our pampered society that was born in silver-spoon families. This could probably the lesson for those people starving for success while they were born in the worst situation just like me. Everything happened with some reasons.

My business life started as early as I was in standard one in primary school. Started with selling my drawing to the other pupils in the schools until I have been contracted to paint the clinic wall with “Anti-drug abuse campaign” mural. From selling nasi lemak to the time I innitiated Roti John PI (Roti John Pandan Indah), the first Roti John that has been enriched with minced beef, chicken and sardine. At some point, how I managed to get hired when I still studied in the university until I can pay the hospital bill for my late mother and bought so many books for my brothers in school. This will also touch my life journey from being a cheap photographer to an international photographer shooting at places that I never dream to step in.

Just for iklan…how i enjoyed my work now.

First and foremost, I’m not somebody born from a rich family. In the real fact, I was born in a clan that never do business before. I would say, I’m the first in the clan that made my living through business. Conservative parents always want their educated child to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, pilot and other recognized profession and work for government or reputable company. This is something I can remember until now.

Yes, it’s easier to remember the hard life plots instead of remembering something really smooth in life. My life, my career, my passion now didn’t take any smooth took off. Until now, I still rated myself as a survivor and more than that…a fighter. Because I was born as a fighter. I have to really fight in order for me to get my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Watch-out this space, for more updates. Tell more friends about this regardless what they are doing. This is not an exclusive dedication for photographers. This is something I wrote for the people to feel thankful for whatever they have now. This is something that will somehow can spark your spirit to be a fighter in your own line. Whoever your are, if you are a living human…you can’t run from being a fighter.

More to come…



8 Replies to “Rags to Riches Series – 1”

  1. When me n my friends started a photography club in the university, back in 2007, ur name appeared most of the time when we had meetings and discussions (i never heard ur name before that)…pls keep on inspiring people!!

  2. Bro, great video u had there. Maybe after the famous Yasmin left us, u should try to pitch for petronas ads to come πŸ™‚

  3. Saiful, I dah jadi addicted dah baca blog u. Tengok kat facebook u lagi lah hot macam pisang panas semua cerita-cerita u. Sedar tak sedar, you sebenarnya inspired a lot of people tau. Keep on telling your story. Saya tahu, seorang yang hebat pada umur anda dan tidak datang dari keluarga yang kaya pastinya ada banyak cerita yang boleh memotivasikan pembaca.

  4. i quote ur “it’s easier to remember the hard life plots instead of remembering something really smooth in life.” in my fb status.

    u are awesome! πŸ™‚

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