Malu itu satu penggerak…

5 years ago, I started my photography journey as a wedding photographer. A few months after, I became a little popular among my blog follower. Many people requested me to do a workshop. Then, I organised my first workshop. By average, professional (or so called Otai) in photography charged participants around RM80-200 per workshops. But, I had my plan. I don’t want people to pay soooo cheap for them to sleep in my class and walk away from the workshop without implementation of the knowledge. Then, I decided, to charge RM200. I planned to return RM100 to them if the appear and sitting in my class till the end of session. I posted the workshop news in photomalaysia forum (the largest photography forum in Malaysia). Then, a well known and reputable war photographer posted this “…if this chap can charge RM200, I think I should charge thousand…”. That was the last day I posted in that forum. I feel shameful with that statement and I told myself…I’ll do something to revenge.

Just because…I’m nobody.

The workshops still happened. With only 5 people attended. 4 out of 5 now doing really well in photography. 1 of them…is progressing to be a legend. 5 years later, I appear with all very pricey workshops and seminars. Thank god…now, nobody argue it. Because I don’t want any participant in my class to sleep and to walk away from it without a success story. Further…they should feel lucky, because the experience shared in that classes are priceless.

Idiot do the same mistakes twice, good people learn from their mistakes, smart people….learn from other people mistakes. Which one are u?

Back to the “War Photographer” thingy. 4 months ago, I’ve been invited to be the speaker in an international photography conference in Sarawak (Treasure of the Rainforest) attended by participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Netherlands. Coincidentally, the war photographer I mentioned earlier was in the invitation list too. Yes…we were in the same line-up to give talk in that prestigious event. Well, I know him very well…who didn’t.

1 night, i asked him..

SN: Do you still remember you gave cynical statement to a new boy who wanted to organize a workshop 5 years ago in photomalaysia?”.

WP : (He smiled…)..”I always like that whatt…hahahah….can’t remember lah”

(we laughed together)

SN : ….

WP : Why Saiful?

SN : I was that boy…

WP : Owhh…glad to see you now this way.

SN : You know what….You’re my driving factor. Because…i feel shameful due to your statement

WP : You’re somebody now…don’t worry mate

SN : I’ve paid my revenge…we’re friend now and I should be thankful to u.

From that day until now, we remain as good friend. Honestly, I never plan to do bad revenge and always plan to pay off the revenge as sweet as possible. I strategize all my move since all that turning points. Kerana malu itu…saya berusaha untuk tidak dimalukan lagi. Dengan perasaan malu itu, saya bergerak lebih laju dan lebih kemas serta memperkemaskan segala langkah yang diambil.

I’m not a successful photographer yet. But I always try to be one. The journey…will never stop.



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  1. SN, you are the greatest Malaysian I know and I ever talk to. You mesti tak ingat i pasal dah banyak orang awak jumpa. Tapi saya pernah bertanya dengan awak tentang sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan kecekalan kerana pada masa tu saya betul-betul down kerana kena tipu dengan rakan kongsi sendiri. Saya bukan lah buat business macam SN dalam fotografi, saya buat landscaping. Tapi dalam sibuk-sibuk SN sempat juga melayan dan memberikan saya semangat serta inspirasi. Saya ingat masa tu dapat cakap dengan SN tak sampai seminit kerana ramai yang beratur nak cakap dengan SN dalam 1 conference yang SN ada bentangkan paper tentang keusahawanan. Masa tu, saya puas hati dengan 1 minit tu bila SN cuma cakap “Untuk berjaya, mesti kena tahan melalui kesusahan kerana segala kesusahan itu adalah hiburan untuk dikenang apabila kita berjaya nanti”. Sekarang, Alhamdulillah, saya dah berjaya mengharungi saat getir tu dan saya dah berjaya mendapatkan pejabat dan kakitangan-kakitangan baru dan lebih dari tu, saya ditawarkan banyak tugasan-tugasan yang hebat. Do you know? How much I value you for that one minute?

    It’s 4 million dollar (To date). Kerana 1 minute SN tu adalah penguat saya untuk teruskan berjuang walaupun saya dah decide untuk jual kesemuanya dan balik kampung. You really inspired a lot of people SN.

    It’s fair…you should know that.

  2. sangat kagum, dengan tidak berasa malu bercerita tentang ditundukkan oleh seseorang.. but now that u are SN! contoh yang baik. sekali kita jatuh kita takkan tumbang terus.. lawan emosi, lawan sikap kita, lawan apa saja dan kita pasti boleh.. InsyaAllah.

    walaupun kamu seorang photographer.. tapi still memberi motivasi kepada anak bangsa.

  3. erm..dh nk 4thn++ sy follow ur blog ( dri zmn fotopages lagi) suka kata semangat yg u ckp pd Tg Haslinda tu “Untuk berjaya, mesti kena tahan melalui kesusahan kerana segala kesusahan itu adalah hiburan untuk dikenang apabila kita berjaya nanti”. Walupun sy x involve dlm business, tapi kata semangat tuk bidang keja yg lain juga 🙂 thanx SN, sometimes ur word very miracle… 🙂

  4. SN..dis is so inspired..i think u should see Tun Mahathir, lepas tu mintak kongsi pengalaman die plak.lepas tu kongsi kat blog ni.:)
    wish u the best..

  5. tg haslinda, Sorry couldn’t attend you more during that time. Glad to hear that you’re doing really well now. I’m nobody pun…whatever came out from my mouth kalau orang tak ambik jadi pelajaran takkan jadi jugak apa yg u dpt. Btw, wish u all the best in your business

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