I’m the enemy of Racism no.1

Wedding and Portrait is fantastic. As for now, I’ve shoot all major races in Malaysian as well as other nations outside the country. It happened that so many questions from our Indian and Chinese friends asked me  these questions…

“Do you shoot Chinese…?”

“Do you shoot Indian wedding…?”

“Do you shoot Christian wedding…?”

“Do you shoot church civil ceremony…?”

“Do you shoot temple solemnisation…?”

And my answer for all these questions is…YES! It’s proven by my track record before this. All have been updated in my website www.saifulnang.net. I enjoyed all mixed cultures and religions and it make my photos even more colourful and vibrant.

A few of my Indian clients asked me, can I shoot Indian wedding while I’m not actually know the culture. I replied…

  1. For every wedding, I have to mentally prepared and I have to be confident. We have many sources on the internet. I did 1 whole day research last year just for my first Ceylonese wedding. It help a lot to put my confident level much higher.
  2. Even after I have studied the culture, I still treat myself naive…so I can learn more and ask people around, then I learn something from them.
  3. Because I treated myself naive, I’m then became non-selective in photography. I tend to shoot everything in front of me. Because I don’t want to be questioned for the missing plot in the pictures because I presume that to be not important. In the end, the clients get more pictures to the extreme details. Because I treat everything equally important (of course, through studies I know which are the peak and must take pictures).
  4. Put it this way, why we see the street in London are beautiful. We can even take picture at the back alley. And sometime we feel weird when the British came to our country and take picture in front of our house. Right? Because….we appreciate the differences of cultures and customs. Hence, I always overdo myself for any wedding than Malay weddings
  5. I shoot Malay weddings and I know the custom but I always have in mind, set ourselves naive so we can learn more about that specific ceremony. In the end…I still shoot a little less than everything.

For all my Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, Melanau, Punjabi, Malbari, White people, black people, grey or yellow….we’re all human and we love and appreciate each other. If you wish me to photograph your wedding, I’m thousand times love to be your photographer.  I don’t mind traveling for that purpose. I’ve done photography for my own satisfaction and passion for the pass 5 years. Now, I love to go more and more than that. Knowing people from all part of the worlds and knowing the culture for all races so we will enjoy our similarities and appreciate the differences we have.

I feel so good in my talk last night in Kuching. There are many races sitting in the hall and listened to the talk. I’m there as a Malay who supported the vision of Alvin Leong’s Academy in collaboration with Open University Malaysia without an inch of racism. Participants from last night talk also appreciate the speech given regardless of the skin colour. That’s what I really love to happen.



For the sake of photography, I’ve been accepted in Signature Photographers group founded in 2004 and now stands with 8 members. Some called them among the brightest stars in the industry of wedding and portrait photography. I joined them and be friend with them just like any others. I’m associated with Alvin Leong Academy to help whatever within my capacity to see Malaysia to have the first school in photography.

But I was sad, when I heard my Malay friends mumbling their mouth saying that I’m Pro-Chinese and I don’t love Malay and many more. They can say whatever they want. But  i do hope, soon, they will know why.



I do really hope, some day or to the extreme, we can start it tomorrow…judge your photographer based on their skills and artistic eyes. Chinese can shoot better Malay wedding, Malay can shoot better Indian wedding, Indian can shoot better Chinese wedding regardless of the culture differences. Appreciation in photography will defeat the whole unfamiliarity of the culture differences.

Do you think it’s not good to get a photographer that not 100% sure about which is important and which is not and they ended up by treating everything is equally important and you have all the extreme detail in your wedding coverage?

If I were you…I will say…why not!

Australian shoot wedding in Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, USA, UK, France. Even funnier, some can only speak 1 language…which is English. But the culture differences make both clients and photographers enjoyed their togetherness in making good photograph.

We’re in the era of 1Malaysia. We’re united. We enjoy our similarities and we appreciate the differences. Will that make the whole industry better? It will be very competitive right when I see Patrick Low is shooting more Malay wedding, Jason is shooting more Indian and Malay wedding, I’m shooting more Chinese and Indian weddings. I believe, this shouldn’t be segregated. Go for the photographer that you love regardless of their race.

To stress my point here…since the beginning of my life, I’ve seen so much racism and I really hate racism. My school in English College JB mixed with 40% chinese and 20% Indian and 40% Malay and we were very happy and feel just like brothers until now. In MMU, I have many Chinese friends and Indian friends as my classmate or my studymate. In fact, I had a roommate, Cina Kuala Lipis…Yap Weng Soon, u know who u are hehehe.

(Gambar hiasan…handsome right?)

After graduated, I worked with Chinese bosses…it was Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology (Now University) under my bosses Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing and Gail Phang. My students came from various countries and races, Bostwana, Indonesia, India, China, Thailand and Malaysian Chinese with only 1 or 2 Malays. I love that environment.

Is there any reason for me to be a racist? No right?

I learn photography from Malay & Chinese friends, I learn doing business from Indian and Chinese. I learn about the Arts of Survival from Chinese. I will not be here if I’m racist. That’s why…I hate racism and until now I strongly fight against racism.

We’re going to the 52nd year of independent and free our mind, free our soul to accept your Chinese, Indian, Malay, Kelabit, Melanau, Iban, Bidayuh, Punjabi, Malbari, Ceylonese and more races as your brothers. Because we are 1. Under 1 country….under 1 MALAYSIA!

Happy Independent Day to Malaysia!



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