Last Sunday I shoot this….

It was fun shooting this couple. Wedding took place in a grand medieval building. A building once used as one of King Louis (France) residents. I have a lot more to show. As for now…let me show you just a few 😉

I enjoyed the shooting so much together with my team mate Dinie as well as our imported team member Ahim Rani (All the way from CandidSyndrome Brunei to London). Ever since, I always amazed with some images snapped by “mat saleh” and now, out of hundred of them, I would say, only 2-3 are really good, while the rest are just blessed with the nice architecture, gowns and weathers. Thanks a lot to Thanh and Vivienna for the trust to capture your big day. For Thanh and Vivienna’s friends, if you plan to get married…you can always find me here 😉 London and KL is just 13 hours away….the same duration you probably take to travel from London to Edinburgh 😉

Btw, some of the images are already online at my official gallery at

Selamat Berpuasa and Enjoice!


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  1. Hey there Saiful, i was at your talk last night here in Kuching.

    Me and my friends are really amazed by how you started your photography life and how “selfish” you are.

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