Hazwan & Aqilah – Masjid Wilayah by SN

Here another one before we go for the fasting month of Ramadhan. Hazwan collected their album today before flying back to Abu Dhabi. The place where he lecturing now. Our new system in album making is now 95% easier to the customers and 200% faster than before. Hazwan collected his album before his wedding leave in Malaysia over.

The system of the album making has been smarten and fasten up while the quality of design is improving from day to day. We learn from our previous mistakes and now we are in the top notch again 😉 TQ to all our previous customers who was with us in our 1 year bad time from July 2008-July 2009 where a few hundred albums was delayed in delevery. I’ll tell you the detail about out broken old system and our improvised new system we are running now. Thanks again.

To Hazwan & Aqilah…selamat pulang ke Abu Dhabi besok.


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